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Why Stoners Make Great Partners

by Johnny Hash 5 years ago in humanity / list / pop culture

Combine their laid back attitude and their love of laughter and you have just a few reasons why stoners make great partners.

Everyone loves getting stoned, everyone loves being with their partner (I hope); so if it isn’t already clear why stoners make great partners, you’re about to find out. In addition to the fool proof mantra, "couples that smoke together stay together," stoner couples are #goals. From their laid back attitude to their love of food and their great taste in music, you have to admit there are many reasons why stoners make great partners. They are always down for a good time, whether it’s smoking up with friends or hitting a joint and then a movie or just staying in and smoking and watching some bad TV, there is always a good time to be had with a stoner. Grab your favorite munchies snack, maybe a drink for cottonmouth, kick back and relax, but you were probably already doing that. Without further adieu, here’s the reasons why stoners make great partners…

They Don't Take Life Too Seriously

Many, many people say the best part of the relationship is right at the beginning. No stress, no arguments, nothing to worry about and fun to be had. Being with a stoner means this bit will probably last longer, since the stress will be even lower, and the excitement even higher. “Higher,” get it? Anyway, more fun, less stress equals a recipe for success in the relationship field. Additionally, weed has relaxing agents in it that can lower stress levels and just make life better. So quit taking life so seriously and find out for yourself why stoners make great partners.

They Make Great Chefs

It’s no secret that pot and food go together like Cheech & Chong, and having a stoner by your side at your hungriest hours means you’re definitely going to be eating something good. Smoking weed induces the munchies full force, so having someone who likes to smoke and eat as much as you is a great combination. Combatting the munchies is only done so with the creation of amazing food, like throwing bacon, mozzarella sticks and french fries onto one pizza or how about caramel ice cream in an apple bowl? Aw, man, I’m gonna go make a snack… Really need more on why stoners are great partners? Alright…

Cuddling is Sooo Much Better

Stoners are a sensual kind of people, and they love how things feel. This makes cuddling absolutely phenomenal and even more intimate and is a main reason why stoners make great partners. They also can remain focused on one single thing for ages, so you can keep on cuddling all night long if that’s what you want! Stoners usually just like to chill after a smoke sesh, and what better way to enjoy your high than with a partner to cuddle with. Don’t believe me? Go find a stoner and hug them... Maybe ask first.

They Have Awesome Taste in Music

I don’t know the science behind it, but I haven’t met a stoner with bad taste in tunes. Maybe it’s because they’re willing to try any genre. If it sounds good, then potheads will be all over it. From the stoners at a Willie Nelson country concert to the blazers who flood to see Drake and we can’t forget about how much better EDM sounds when you’re stoned. You’ll learn new stuff, share your taste, and maybe even uncover some guilty pleasures that become not so guilty after all. Hip-hop, reggae, rock, folk, and more. You can’t go wrong. If a song’s good enough, you could play it a thousand times in a row, too! Helping you to expand your music taste is just one reason why stoners make great partners.

They're Generally Open Minded

Another reason why stoners make great partners is their accepting personalities. They’re always open to learning how people see things, and learning new ways to live a better life without stress. I mean, you don’t usually meet a stoner who falls into the racist, homophobic category, do you? These laid back, loving traits mean you can simply be honest and be accepted for your choices.

They Like to Eliminate the Stress

Photo by Brooke Hoyer

People tend to overthink things; but why? You want the kind of person who could light up a big joint, and find a solution to a problem without stressing out, or at least forget what the problem was in the first place. They’ll always help you to get the worry and anxiety out of your life in the best way. For many, smoking is used to relax them, to escape from the real world for a bit,without forgetting they have to come back to it. Stoners make great partners because they can help you chill out when you’re hyped up about an issue, smoke you up, then talk you through it once you’ve calmed down. Don’t worry, be happy.

They are Creative

I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that stoners are creative folk. Got a problem? Let’s solve it in the coolest way possible! Got no money for a project? Let’s solve it with cheap but awesome alternatives! Man, you could even just give a stoner a pen and they could have fun for hours. Trust me when I say you’ll have a personal problem solver, plus, you won’t get bored. Smoking opens a side of your mind that probably wasn’t accessed before you smoked. So you could tap into a creative side of your brain when it comes to drawing, playing music, or even just sitting on a bench. You’ll view and understand things differently. Date night just got a whole lot more fun. Need I say more about why stoners make great partners?

They're "High"larious

Whether they’re telling jokes, remembering stories or just laughing at nothing; stoners are real funny. You might have had the worst day at work, you might have nothing to do, or you might just be down in the dumps; your pothead partner will be by your side to make you laugh, without fail, every single time. If you’re still not sure why stoners make great partners, we’ll give you a few more reasons…

They Engage in Deep Conversations

Even if you’re not into that hippy-dippy stuff, you can always have meaningful conversations with a stoner. Whether it be money, philosophy, politics or life in general, you can learn a hell of a lot from stoners. Conversations like this can last for ages, and will never get old since they’re unique to the moment. Stoners are practically modern-day philosophers. Since relationships take a lot of communication, this is another reason why stoners make great partners. They will be willing to talk about the deep shit that usually isn’t covered in everyday conversation. Get high and start asking the tough questions. Get high and talk about what’s bothering you. Get high and start talking about why you love your partner so much. Or just get

They Like Taking Naps

Come on, who doesn’t? What you need is a perfect napping partner to keep you cozy during those midday napping sessions. We present you with yet another solution - a stoner! After smoking, and stuffing your face with those munchies fixins, you’re exhausted and ready for a nap. Like the great Kat Williams says, “hungry, happy, sleepy.” Alright, if you’re still not convinced why stoners make great partners, go socialize with a pothead; you’ll see everything here is true.

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Johnny Hash
Johnny Hash
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