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Weed Twitter Accounts to Follow

Whether you're dazed or confused, these weed twitter accounts to follow will keep you entertained and informed.

By George GottPublished 8 years ago 3 min read

Most people smoke weed to chill, laugh, get inspired, or to just to relax. What better way to spend those countless hours getting inspired, keep up on the newest Marijuana law, or just laughing your ass off than by scrolling through pictures, videos, and tweets from the best weed Twitter accounts the web has to offer. These accounts offer everything — intriguing both the novice smoker to the avid hardcore stoner with endless hilarious memes and beautiful photos of marijuana strains. So before you hit that bong, make sure to add these weed feeds. You won't be disappointed during your smoke sesh with your BFF Mary Jane.

Stoner Jesus

For the not so serious, but sometimes serious pothead, Stoner Jesus is your self proclaimed 'Lord and Savior of Everything Weed'. This account is from the host of the Stoner Jesus Show podcast on iTunes. You can watch his feed to laugh at the hardcore weed related comedy while educating yourself on current cannabis activism going on right now. The feed can go from mentioning deep philosophical issues of freedom one tweet and to most perfectly-timed "your mom" jokes to be found anywhere on the Internet the next. Stoner Jesus is one of the best twitter accounts that you need to add now.

Twitter: @stonerjesus420

Doug Benson

If you can’t handle comedian, weed advocate and actor from Super High Me and Trailer Park Boys Doug Benson’s tweets, then unfollow him and get out of the the kitchen. But don’t really because you’ll miss the most outrageous tweets, pictures and videos this funny man throws out. Also you can keep up with his 420 moments with him and his many celebrity stoner friends. Guaranteed you’ll be a slave to his feed.

Twitter: @DougBenson

Weed Humor

If you’re looking for the funniest and most offensive memes pictures or videos any pothead could relate to, Weed Humor is your best choice. This weed Twitter account is one of the best in the Twitter-verse with over 500k followers. So if you’re a stoner who loves to laugh at the stupidest things then this Twitter account is for you!

Twitter: @WeedHumor


On a more serious note, this weed Twitter account provides a voice for the responsible cannabis consumer. NORML will give you up to the date info regarding deregulation laws and it’s mission is to move public opinion sufficiently to legalize the responsible use of marijuana by adults. They also serve as an advocate for consumers to assure they have access to high quality marijuana that is safe, convenient and affordable.

Twitter: @NORML

Celeb Stoner

If you’re a like to get pop cultured on the reg then Celeb Stoner is your jam. This weed twitter account is one of the leading marijuana news websites that have a specialized focus on celebrities, movies, music, TV, sports and activism with a stoner vibe in mind.

Twitter: @CelebStoner

Marijuana Posts

This weed Twitter account features the most relatable tweets that are tailored for all stoners. Marijuana Posts' feed is constantly being updated with the craziest memes and videos that most stoners will only get. Also they are always posting really interesting products that any pothead would enjoy.

Twitter: @MarijuanaPosts

Coral Reefer

This Bay Area vlogger and full-time stoner beauty, Coral Reefer, posts instructional and entertaining videos like ‘Stony Sundays.’ She gives you the woman’s take on cannabis culture from products a lady pot would enjoy to cannabis rights and laws.

Twitter: @CoralReefer420

Hemp News

If you are the more a more serious politically inclined burner then this weed Twitter account is for you. Hemp News provides you current news and analysis on Hemp & Cannabis based medicines & derivative products since 2009.

Twitter: @HempNews

Weed Porn

If you’re looking for highly erotic images of delicious bud strains than this the weed twitter account is for you! Weed Porn is literally porn for the pot lover in us. You will become severely addicted to their weed feed you might have to check into rehab.

Twitter: @WeedPorns


Leafly has become the go to resource in the cannabis industry when it comes to information pertaining to specific cannabis products, medical marijuana patients and recreational consumers. They regularly tweet strain related information, and other educational posts.

Twitter: @Leafly

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