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Ways to Use Your Cannabis Kief

There's a variety of different methods and unusual possibilities when deciding how to use your cannabis kief, so don't go smoking it all down just yet.

By Alfred TaerzPublished 5 years ago 6 min read

Every daily smoker knows what kief is, and if not, then just check the bottom piece of your grinder. Those tiny, sand-like grains of marijuana is what we know (and love) as fine, powdery "pollen," or simply very finely ground up weed. Used in a multitude of ways, kief can bring both highs and lows, whether it be in the actual feeling and mood themselves, or simply in activity and memory; it all depends on the methods that are used.

Kief is among many reasons why weed should be legalized; it acts as another system through which marijuana can be tested medically, but it's also a purer form of THC itself. If you want to get technical, kief has the highest concentration of cannabinoids since it's the removed trichomes from the leaves of the cannabis plant, or resin glands to be precise. Like there are ways to use your cannabis kief, there are also a variety of methods in acquiring it; the best among them...

If you don't have one of these bad boys, then you're not a real smoker. Using the three-tiered grinder is among the easiest methods in acquiring cannabis kief, plus it ensures you're making the most out of your marijuana consumption.

When it concerns the best ways to use your cannabis kief, you'll need one of these awesome grinders. For only $30, you're getting the keys to a variety of different kief creations, and it collects kief like a bank does profits, which is all the more reason to have one.

Blunts, Joints, and Bowls

There's always the old way; it does work best, after all. Inserting kief into blunts and bowls, or joints and spliffs—whatever your fancy may be—is precisely what it was meant for, in my humble opinion. You can also just fill a bowl or bong with kief if need be, since that'll get you pretty baloney in itself.

There may be many ways to use your cannabis kief, but honestly this shall always remain the right way. Why? you may be wondering, the obvious answer being: it gets you higher than a Verizon satellite. Not only is it among great ways to conserve your weed stash, it's probably one of the best ways to get high.

Pollen Pressing

One of the many popular ways kief has been used is through pollen pressing it for storage and continued use. Pollen pressing containers, or small metal "cupcake" like storage containers, pack the particulars inside by using pressure and keep it stored in this shape for prolonged use and increasing quantities.

Among ways to use your cannabis kief, pollen pressing might be the easiest, since all you have to do is put it inside a pollen pressing container for storage. It can be 1/4th in small amounts, to even a gram of kief—it all comes down to how much you want to both save and accumulate.

E-Cig Juice

No, I'm not making this up: one of a variety of ways to use your cannabis kief is by making none other than e-cig juice. This is obviously for the more "vaping" king out there, but in order to turn kief into e-cig juice you'll have to get vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

As you can see, both of these products aren't too difficult to find and purchase online. Use a coffee filter, syringes, and a method of double bailing all with your desired amount of kief to craft your very own e-cig juice. That's if, of course, if you're into that whole vaping thing, but there's also...

Vaporizing Kief

Not only can you make the vaper's friendly e-cig juice as one of the ways to use your cannabis kief, but you can also vaporize it, too. While some may still consider this the same as the making of e-cig juice, it is different—since, you know, you're actually vaping the weed, not making juice with it.

Utilizing something like the PAX or Firefly 2, those looking for more uses out of their kief can simply vape it like they would in any loose leaf, or "dry" vaporizer. Here's a vaporizer's buyer's guide since all the hoopla and confusion surrounding vaporizing itself can get daunting.

Hash Pressing

(you can use kief or nugs)

A favorite amongst most potheads in the ways to use your cannabis kief is none other than hash pressing it. Sounds like a complex route of using something that simply gets one really high, but it's not all that complicated once you understand how to do it.

You'll need a hair straightener, or iron, and parchment paper, which you'll fold with the kief inside and press between the hot plates of the hair straightener. You should not do this beyond the point where the paper starts to burn, stop after the kief has been compressed enough into a brick, or block, of decarboxylated kief. Now, you've got hash—but, what to do with it?

Kief Cooking

Both hash and kief can be used to cook up your own favorite marijuana concoctions like pizza, sandwiches, and more. You can learn here how to make pot brownies that are delicious, but the sky's the limit in the ways to use your cannabis kief when in a kitchen that's fully stocked and loaded.

One thing of note, though: don't use too much kief when cooking with it. Use around 1/2 to 1/3 of what you would with actual medical marijuana when making food with kief. Trust me, it's better to stay on the safe side than the really high and supremely dangerous side in the crafting of kief edibles.

Kief Coffee & Tea

No, in the ways to use your cannabis kief, the kitchen isn't the only place you'll be able to use it effectively. You can actually sprinkle a little of fine cut kief into your morning beverage for an added dose of serenity and relaxation.

Only, of course, in a warm cup of coffee, nothing iced, since the heat activates those cannabinoids within no more than 30 minutes. Well, not only coffee, but there's also kief tea! Again, just sprinkle a little kief into your favorite warm tea mixture, and a powerful drink is what you're rewarded with.


Oh, let us fly to the moon, why don't we, in the fascinating ways to use your cannabis kief; moonrock engineering. That is correct, if you've got kief (at least enough to make glorious pot-meteorites), then making moonrocks is probably what you should be doing right now.

Moonrocks are just fat cannabis nugs extremely high in potency and containing oil that's then rolled in kief. In order to make them, you'll need oil that's gently heated poured onto the nugs and sprinkled over with your kief, or, as some people tend to do, kief baths using tongs. Let the marijuana nugs harden, and voila! A rock from the very moon is in your possession.

Kief Butter

Marijuana and hash oil both can be used in making cannabutter, but kief by far beats them both in terms of potency and overall return product. It's not a typical method in the ways to use your cannabis kief, but I'd recommend it for popular use.

The guide is as simple as it is for marijuana and oil: melt butter (not margarine) completely within a crock pot, add kief and stir this mixture every 10 to 15 minutes for 5 hours. Get a heat proof container, place your kief butter inside once it's done, and let that magical cannabutter rest asunder right in your fridge for hardening.

Getting Creative

There's also even cooler ways to use your cannabis kief, like a "twaxed" joint, perhaps? Though it's only one in a billion (if not infinite) possibilities, this J is only one of many in a variety of concepts that kief itself presents; endless variety and a prolonged ingenuity, all by way of engineering safer and better in quality highs.

That, I find for me, is of the utmost importance in the discovery of more versatile ways to use kief, weed, hash, and all of the many varieties cannabis plants have to offer. Whether it's recreational or medicinal, uncovering better options for marijuana consumption and more is key to the survival of its industry, in addition to a cultural phenomena.

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