Vaping vs. Smoking: Which Is Better for You?

Vaping vs Smoking

Vaping vs. Smoking: Which Is Better for You?

Have you ever wondered the reason behind the sudden rise in cannabis smokers around you? Apart from being a popular means of recreation, the scope of cannabis goes way beyond. Smoking, be it the conventional way or the new, can deliver you a plethora of healthful, healing properties of the plant.

Cannabis: What is the buzz all about?

Cannabis is a medicinal plant that contains over a hundred compounds, out of which we know a few. It is CBD and THC, two major chemical compounds that are making cannabis an instant hit among people. Here are a few ingenious benefits from smoking it:

  • Smoking cannabis can make you thinner, or at least keep you away from being obese.
  • Cannabis smokers are found to be more creative in terms of language, if not in all spheres. Strains like violator kush are more potent and can surely enhance your skills.
  • As per a report, cannabis is by far the safest recreational drug, 114 times safer than alcohol.

Vaping is the future of cannabis

While the number of people smoking cannabis is "high," vaping is a relatively new trend. If you are in a dilemma between taking the conventional route and experimenting with the 'it' thing, here is all you need to know:

Smoking any substance, be it tar, nicotine, or cannabis involves combustion. THC converts in vapors at temperatures of 250-400 degrees F, which is much lower than the 446 degrees F at which combustion takes place. A vaporizer is an electronic device that generates heat to optimize the cannabinoid content. It produces vapor rich in cannabinoids. With a vape, you can take charge, and decide the dosage, adjust the heat, and even pick a flavor for yourself.

What makes vaping a hit?

Although vaping has been on the list of cannabis products for only a few years, it is making noise for the right reasons. There are innumerable ways in which vaping can be a better pick than smoking.

1. Avoids combustion:

The primary benefit of picking vaping over smoking cannabis is that you can prevent combustion and its side-effects. When the plant matter ignites upon smoking, it produces carcinogenic byproducts like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The smoke of cannabis can contain carcinogens like Toluene, Naphthalene, and Benzene. While Toluene can cause damage to your eyes and respiratory tract, Benzene adversely affects the reproductive system. Naphthalene, on the other hand, proliferates the blood cells.

Unlike the plain old way of smoking joints, vaping has different devices to go with it. Unique devices like the magic flight launch box and dry herb vaporizers make the experience much refreshing and new compared to smoking joints.

As per this study, when you opt for a vaporizer, you reduce the chances of being in contact with these potentially toxic elements. If you are already resorting to vaping for medicinal reasons, it wouldn't be wise to smoke cannabis. Vaping can be an ideal choice, for it can give you similar, or even more, health benefits without being too harsh on your body.

2. High cannabinoid potency:

While smoking cannabis gives you more intense effects, did you know that a joint/blunt has much fewer cannabinoids? Cannabinoids are the chemicals present in cannabis that are good for your body and mind. When you burn cannabis, the process of combustion can destroy nearly 50% of the cannabinoids, undoubtedly impacting its effectiveness. That's not all when the smoke burns off; you can lose another 20% of them, which reduces the cannabinoid efficiency.

A vaporizer, working at a relatively lower temperature, does not burn the terpenes and cannabinoids, giving you more medicinal compounds with each drag.

3. Certainly becomes pocket-friendly:

When you start vaping, you need to invest in a quality vaporizer and grinder. Wondering how that is pocket-friendly? If you are a heavy user and you need more concentration of cannabinoids, a vape can be the right pick. The cannabis vapor has an 80% dense concentration of cannabinoids when you compare it with smoking it. Chances of them dissipating into the air from the inflamed joint is much less from the herb chamber of a vaporizer.

So, you need less herb with a vape to achieve more results. In the end, you will spend much less on cannabis than you do by following the conventional way of smoking.

4. Surely a discreet way:

Those of you who have smoked a joint in public know how that suspicious eyes follow you. Not only does it require time and space to roll, but you will also be reeking of the smell once you finish your blunt. When you need the instant dose of medicinal cannabis in public, the electric vape is a sure hit. You can carry the tiny device along and take a few drags, sans the smell. If we have to give scores, vapes get 10/10 for convenience.

5. The nuances of flavors are endless:

Did you know that cannabis has flavors, which become evident when you expose it to different temperatures? Cannabis contains molecules called terpenes, which are responsible for giving it the aroma. All terpenes have different boiling points, which means that as and when you change the temperature, you will vividly experience the taste of a particular terpene and cannabinoid.

Why is smoking the most popular method yet?

For the ones who are pro at smoking, the entire process has become a ritual. They have a habit of rolling, packaging, and then smoking, and it is something that they love to do. Smoking dry marijuana in a blunt creates a euphoric effect, which has much more intensity. Those who seek instant relief from pain or as a sedative, find smoking to be in their favor. Smoking, being a simple act, does not require the person to learn anything. Unlike vaping, there aren't any complexities involved, making smoking a hassle-free business. Apart from pipes and bowls, you don't have to invest in anything.

Vaping vs. Smoking: The eternal battle

With new methods coming up frequently, there has been a paradigm shift, and it is also revolutionizing how you smoke. To cut to the chase, if it is a higher intensity that you seek in a short time, smoking cannabis can be your answer. But, if you are planning to make a holistic lifestyle change, vaping is a healthier option. All you ought to do is invest in an excellent vaping device with a grinder and get quality budget buds or vape oil to smoke up.

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