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The Answer for the All Day Stoner

By Kristopher KristiansonPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

There are so many ways to get stoned in this day and age, from blunts and bongs to rigs and pens. With so many options, sometimes it's hard to choose. Myself, I am a joint/blunt guy; personally I think there is nothing better than sitting down and taking the time to snip up the weed and roll that perfect joint.

This doesn't bode so well when I have to go to work and want to have a good stone going before I enter my eight-plus hours of work. I have tried it all to hide it too, like cologne before going to work or standing in the wind, changing shirts, ect. None of it truly hides the smell of smoked herb on you, which if you want to keep your job, sucks. For a long time, there did not seem to be any good solutions for this at all either than just not smoking before work (no, just no). Now enter the vape pens or dry herb pens, they are like an answer to every hard working stoners prayers (well that or a boss that doesn't care).

I have got to say the pens are one of the best ideas to come out of smoking pot in quite a while. I mean, now I can go to work after smoking the entire way there and some time in the parking lot and I smell like blueberries or whatever flavour I have added to the mix. Such a huge problem solver really, on lunch breaks I can go outside with the cigarette smokers and stand beside them and they think I am using a normal vape pen for quitting smoking, all the while I am getting higher than a kite.

Now I make it sound like all I care about is getting high, which isn't true. I take my job very seriously but when a large portion of my job is to listen to customer complaints and trying to fix them, it definitely helps take the edge off. Especially when half of these peoples problems are solved by turning their computer on and off again; it gets infuriating so instead of letting my anger get ahold of me, I calmly pull out my pen and take a couple puffs in the smoking area.

I am sure every stoner has faced a relatable hardship like this at work: boss yelling at you and all you want to do is smoke a joint or hit the bong but you can't because you are at work and would be fired for smelling like pot. These pens will change the game for you entirely, no more dreaming of the bag sitting at home when your pen full of shatter or dry herb is sitting in your pocket ready for your next break.

They are great for social events where toking a joint may be viewed as less than acceptable. At a wedding, use the pen, on a vacation use the pen, seriously go anywhere and 99 percent of people will think you are just quitting smoking by vaping.

So the only problem I have with shatter pens is how expensive shatter can be. I mean there are some dealers or medicinal shops with great prices per gram, but you know what they say "you get what you pay for." So now I get stuck either buying $50 or 60 grams of shatter to fill my pen. It lasts a while but there is just something dis-heartening about paying so much for so little. But with that being the only downside I have really come across (that and getting a little bit to high the first time I tried it) it is most definitely worth it. I am not saying everyone should get high before or at work as a lot of jobs it would be a huge hazard, but when you do computer repairs it is most definitely worth it. Take it or leave it but in today's world, these pens are a life saver in my opinion, keeping the people with stressed out work lives nice and high so we can deal with the customers that would probably benefit from smoking a joint.


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