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Underrated Health Benefits of CBD

by Jonathan G about a year ago in health

A few use cases of CBD Oil outside the norm.

If you’ve browsed social media within the past few years, you’ve likely noticed CBD being propagated by health gurus and stoners alike. While there is some hype around CBD oil health benefits, it’s helping people in a myriad of ways, even ones you might have overlooked…

Dental Health

There are quite a few CBD-infused products showing up on the market, like toothpicks, toothpastes, and mouth wash. Considering this is one of the lesser discussed areas of CBD or marijuana, it seems like a far fetched idea that cannabidiol affects dental health.

For those with dental decay or recently underwent dental surgery, CBD can be an alterative means for pain management. Primarily, it is anti-inflammatory when directly applied in the mouth plus it’s been proven to be a minor pain killer.

In addition to calcium and sodium fluoride, CBD adds another layer of coating to prevent further decay. Once the enamel has been eaten away, you will be prone to nerve damage and pain.

Mental Health

Mental health is increasing considerably in young adults, and along with it drug dependence. Even the World Health Organization is starting to recommend CBD to be used in place of prescription medications, along with therapy and other alternative treatments.

Anxiety is quite prevalent in modern life, and according to many anecdotes on social media, people have been finding significant improvement using CBD.

There isn’t much to lost trying it out since legitimately sourced CBD will be nearly void of THC, the psychoactive component known to raise anxiety. In fact, there are less side effects in hemp or CBD oil than most anti-depressant or ant-anxiety medications.

Weight Management

No, CBD oil doesn’t give you the munchies like Marijuana is stereotyped to do. In fact, it may be able to mitigate obesity in some people.

The cannabinoid receptors CB1 & CB2 are prevalant throughout the body, and obese people are known to have more CB1 receptors in their fatty tissue. In some people who are deficient in cannabinoids, CBD oil is enough to stimulate the receptors to accelerate fat loss.

Of course, using common sense, you should know that there is no remedy to a horrible diet. Eating a huge surplus in calories from nutritionally devoid food will make anyone obese, with or without CBD oil.

Hair Care

Hemp oil isn’t anything new in the world of haircare, but CBD oil takes it a step further. Aside from being anti-bacterial, CBD will reduce inflammation in the hair folicles, also known as Folliculitis.

There are quite a few CBD shampoos on the market, but you can always mix up your own solution. It’s important to include other essential oils in your haircaire routine, like lavender, peppermint, or coconut oils.

Quitting Tobacco

While the evidence isn’t entirely concrete, a double blind placebo controlled study was conducted to see if CBD reduced the dependence of tobacco usage. The group taking CBD had smoked 40% less cigarettes while the other group had no change in their habits.

One idea as to why this works is due to the anti-axiety affect that cannabidiol has, and smokers seem to suffer from anxiety when they skip a few cigarettes. There is speculation that it can also work with other addictive substances, food addiction, etc…

Reducing Acne

In the majority of cases, acne is cause by sebum getting mixed with dead skin cells or dirt and clogging a pore. This becomes what we commonly recognize as acne.

The causes of acne vary, but it’s quite common for hormonal changes to increase sebum production, and thus more clogged pores.

When topically used, CBD oil can reduce sebum production and preventing infections due to its anti-bacterial properties. This is why it’s being included in some brands of bar soaps, among other ingredients.

Jonathan G
Jonathan G
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