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Twenty Things to do Home Alone and High

by Cosmo Carr 3 months ago in list

Here is a list of twenty things you may find enjoyment in while stoned out of your mind. Cheers to your solo sesh.

Twenty Things to do Home Alone and High
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Hey there, ever get stuck spending half of your high time chilling at home trying to figure out what you could be doing? Save this list if you need a simple reminder of some things that will enhance your solo smoke session, and even help you feel relaxed and productive. Below I will write a short list and then I break down each section afterwards with my thoughts. So here goes, twenty things to do while you are f r i e d alone.

1. Painting

2. Meditating

3. Listening to music/ discovering new music/ creating music

4. Laying outside somewhere and watching the clouds or stars

5. Exercising

6. Playing a nostalgic video game (My favorite is Super Mario World: Super Mario Advanced 2 lol I love you ol' Gameboy Advanced) - https://www.lukiegames.com/Super-Mario-World-Super-Mario-Advance-2-GameBoy-Advance.html

7. Cooking

8. Deep clean your house

9. Classic comfort: Pizza/ Chinese/whatever and a movie

10. Light candles and take a long bath or shower

11. Spend quality time with your pets (unless that pet is a fish?)

12. Build some Legos

13. Online Shopping

14. Funny Videos (especially with snoop dogg) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJmnuR0wAeo

15. Learn some smoke tricks

16. Write a short story

17. 👊the 🍖

18. Learn to crochet or make bracelets

19. Climb a tree, get comfy, and read a book

20. Find new games, apps, or themes for your phone

There you have it, a simple list of solo session activities. Now I will dive further into each activity and why it can be radical when you're high to experience them.

1. Painting - One of my personal favorites. I've painted my desk, my table and like 37 canvases while stoned as can be and not only did they all turn out better than they would have while I was sober, but they took less effort and I am better able to focus on letting go and being creative.

2. Meditating - An awesome way to get to know yourself, stoned or not, but especially stoned. I am more aware of every sensation in my body and it is easier to not be bogged down with thoughts as you try to breathe deeply. There are several apps or Youtube if you need some guidance on where to start. I can get lost meditating while high and thirty minutes might go by and it feels like ten. Your brain soaks in that break, and you feel more chill when you switch activities.

3. This is a three-parter. Creating music, discovering music, and listening to music are all super fun to do. It really depends on my mood, but music is a no-brainer when it comes to enhancing a high. Whether it's chill instrumentals, heavy metal, or rap, put on some tunes.

4. Watching the clouds or stars -something that is enjoyable to do as you contemplate your existence or fantasize about life scenarios.

5. Exercise. Damn, I get right in the zone with this one. My body automatically loves working out even if my mind doesn't. It picks up on the movement and I get stuck focusing hardcore on the exercises, and keeping proper form. It's like you can feel your muscles growing, just don't go too ham (heh)

6. Video games are obviously a good one, but what about nostalgic games? Those video games you played as a kid, that dusty handheld laying around somewhere? Put it back to use! You will feel a good nostalgia and playing games are always fun. Bonus points if you play nostalgic music.

7. Cooking - Whether you're a beginner or a pro, get lost in some omnomnoms and make yourself a meal or some cookies.

8. Deep cleaning your house - a little weird, but if you have the motivation while you are high to try this, I highly recommend. Actually, the only way I clean now is while I'm fried because I get so focused on cleaning that I start room-hopping and before I know it my entire house looks great and then I can enjoy being high in a clean house.

9. A classic staple: Pizza and a movie (or whatever food is delicious to you). Get cozy and watch something hilarious.

10. Lighting candles and taking a bath or shower has got to be pretty relaxing for everyone, I would think. Enjoy being hypersensitive to the steam and the smells.

11. Spend some time with your pets - Your furry friend could use some love. I think animals can sense when we are high, or at least it feels like I am entering a cat dimension and speaking telepathically to my cat.

12. Building legos is a fun way to pass some time and make you feel like a kid again. Building anything, really. Model planes, cars or trains are good time killers. Even a little off topic, but puzzles would be in this category as well. If you like puzzles, find a really trippy one that isn't too difficult for you and put it together. Maybe add some puzzle glue if you are into that, idk. Why do they call a building a building and not a build because how can you be building a building?

13. If you have a few dollars to spend, find some fun stuff online to shop for. One time I woke up to a package of multiple poptarts ?? haha! Surprise yourself for later, it can be fun.

14. Watch some funny videos - cats, people, whatever floats your boat and gets you to laugh will do the trick.

15. Learn to blow them Os, if you're going to toke up some more, watch some videos and learn some cool party tricks.

16. Writing some short stories is a nice way to pass time and possibly make some money if you put in the effort.

17. Beat the meat.. flick the bean.. you know what I mean..

18. Making bracelets and crocheting is a fun hobby with or without the bud but definitely with. I like listening to some music and working on a blanket. Plus, it's something you can come back to whenever you feel like it.

19. Reading a book in a tree will make you feel like Alice in Wonderland. Just don't forget where you are and fall!

20. I like to reorganize themes on my phone. Download an app or a new theme to give yourself a fresh look and enjoy some new free phone games.


Cosmo Carr
Cosmo Carr
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