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To Eat or to Smoke

Differences Between Marijuana Consumption

By Jenn DPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Marijuana has been legal in many states for some time now, with Canada not far behind. Marijuana has been seen in the media for nearly a century in various different forms. Most of the time joints, bongs and later on edibles were the most popular ways of consumption. In the mainstream media, cannabis 'highs' are dramatized and demonstrate a distortion of one's perception to a more severe level of impairment. In reality, marijuana can cause feelings of sleepiness, hunger, happiness, relaxation, and even euphoria. Marijuana also has many medical purposes, it relieves pain, depression, insomnia, stress, and more. Whether you wish to use cannabis for its medicinal purposes or just want to kick back on a Friday night, there is a method for everyone.

Smoking marijuana has its advantages and disadvantages just as edibles do. Smoking bud is cheaper, convenient, and more social. Flower sells for anywhere between $9.55-16.14 a gram on the Ontario Cannabis Store. When buying flower, you only have to buy as much as you need, not a half ounce to an ounce in order to make your special brownies. It is convenient to smoke marijuana since the bud is delivered to you ready for lighting. Making edibles takes more time as you have to make the cannabutter and add it to whatever baked good you plan on making. Smoking weed is more sociable than taking an edible. It is a lot of fun to have friends over and pass around a joint or take 'buddy tokes,' a process of taking a toke with a friend. Eating edibles is as simple as eating a cookie, and therefore you can't enjoy bonding time with your method of smoking and your friends.

However, smoking weed sometimes isn't all fun and games, as it may have some disadvantages to people. Smoking cannabis causes a distinct odour, it may irritate the throat and lungs, and you don't ingest all the cannabinoids due to the ignition of the plant. The odour may be a big problem for some people, as it could bother the people around them. Irritation of the throat and lungs is not good for anyone as smoking weed is a carcinogen, so depending on your health or your preference this method may not be for you. Finally, not all the cannabinoids that flower has to offer is being ingested when it is lit. Some are destroyed due to the lighting of the bud, therefore the high you experience is not as strong as one from edibles.

Edibles may be the preference for some people, and others may not have one in their life. Edibles are tasty, easy to ingest, and easy to transport. Everyone likes baked goods and sweets, they taste good and they are comfort foods. Edibles allow the amazing world of cannabis to join our childhood memories. By baking weed into the cookies that your mom used to make, you produce an ideal environment for cannabinoids to thrive in. Edibles cause strong highs due to the method of making them. If you have lung or throat issues then smoking weed may not be for you, edibles make it a bit easier for people under these circumstances or even for someone who has the common cold. Edibles also don't smell like flower and smoking weed do, the weed is baked into the treat, therefore, the smell is taken away and masked by the treat. Although this can be a disadvantage as well if someone finds your stash of cookies and doesn't realize they have weed in them. Edibles also may be hard for some people to make as they may not have access to the equipment to do so.

The advantages and disadvantages of smoking weed vs. edibles vary and all depend on the person's situation and preferences. Both get you 'high,' however, smoking weed tends to be a more relaxed and lesser feeling, and edibles give a more intense high as all the cannabinoids are being ingested. Hopefully, this article gave you a little bit more knowledge on the subject and helped you decide what would be best for you.

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