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So you don’t care about craft cannabis? You’re more into value?

That’s cool, no one’s judging you. Have you heard of Redecan?

By Josh Socket Writes Published 4 years ago 9 min read

Craft Cannabis is a culture. Hand-tended, all-natural, customized care. It makes the bud an incredibly high-quality product but it also makes the weed expensive. Cannabis in Canada is a multi-billion-dollar market. Different people are naturally going to want different products and experiences. That’s life.

People want pre-rolls, flower, oils, drinks, capsules, high THC, High CBD, Balanced products, terpene-rich products. For many, as long as the product is safe, clean, reliable and effective, they are happy. They don’t care about getting the most premium product imaginable. If the grower didn't read the the plants a bedtime story every night, it's not the end of the world. No judgement. Weed is a personal experience, you do you.

One thing I care about regardless of who or where my product comes from is seeing Canadians benefit when I purchase a product. I don’t care if the Cannabis is produced inside or outside of my province. You know how much I love Nugs from Nova Scotia (If not, click the link and find out how I feel here). I’m just happy to see Canadians making a living producing good Cannabis.


Meet Redecan

Redecan (Redecan.ca) comes from Fenwick, Ontario (in the Niagara Falls region). Redecan is a privately-owned family company. The family comes from 30 years of agriculture. I respect it. I come from a 3rd generation small business as well. My family has been in the scrap business in Toronto for the last 50 years. They’ve built something remarkable as a family. I can appreciate the hustle. I can connect with Redecan on a personal level.

Redecan isn’t fancy. Redecan isn’t an over-elaborate setup. Redecan is no-frills. They use natural sunlight and clean water on their plants. Everything they grow is 100% greenhouse grown. Redecan also tests all of their products for:

• THC levels

• CBD levels

• Pesticides

• Residues

• Heavy metals (rock on)

• Bacteria

They test rigorously and dispose of everything failing to meet their standards. Redecan only sells you the best of the batch.

Why I like Redecan

You may not find the phrases hand-tended, craft-grown or small-batch on Redecan’s packaging or their website. That’s okay. Microcultivation and Craft growing isn’t everything (It’s still pretty good though). Good producers who care about what they grow need to be recognized regardless.

Redecan still produces quality product and their growing methods have been able to pass the savings on to us, the customers. Redecan has also been able to provide consistent, enticing products in the medical and recreational markets. I'm impressed with their efforts to get their products into multiple categories within the Cannabis market.

Redecan's options:

• Capsules

• Oils

• Bud/flower


• Vape Products

• Pre-rolls

Redecan’s products range in THC:CBD balances for a variety of experiences in each format.

How Redecan stays competitive.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are a lot of Cannabis brands (scroll down to Canada insights). There are also several Cannabis categories. It’s confusing. Licensed Producers are struggling to build loyalty. The sheer amount of cannabis companies has made it a challenge to cut through the market and speak right to the consumer.

If you’re only operating in one category, you have to fight to stand out. Competition is fierce and the regulations on how Licensed Producers communicate their products is restrictive. There are several restrictions on how weed can be promoted. Infinitely more than liquor. Look around, think about how many Cannabis posters or ads you see. You've probably never seen any. But it's not hard to find a poster for a beer, vodka, scotch, rye or tequila brand (How is that fair?). Licensed Producers are barely able to speak to their audience directly.

When licensed producers sell their cannabis, they sell it to the OCS, who then sells it directly to consumers or wholesale to dispensaries. It’s hard to market cannabis successfully and be compliant with government legislation. You have to hope the OCS promotes your products and you have to be at every dispensary making sure they’re selling your goods. Otherwise they're going to sell someone else's product.

There are middle-people (in some cases, two groups) between the Licensed Producers and people who buy their products. In my opinion, being in every category gets you seen.

Redecan has everything (and doesn’t break the bank)

To be able to operate and provide products in multiple categories creates more opportunities to build loyalty. Redecan’s products are also affordable, creating opportunities for low-risk sampling. Within each category, they’ve been able to create further variety. Strong vs Weak, CBD vs THC vs Balanced, Sativas vs Indicas vs Hybrids. There is something for everybody in Redecan’s line-up and it is all within an affordable price-range.

Looking to try a Redecan product? Start here:

Here is a product from each main category. There are CBD strains, THC strains, strong strains and weak strains here. See if anything here works for you and if not, feel free to explore on your own. There’s bound to be something for you.


Pre-rolls: Wappa (Redees)

Redecan makes my favourite line of pre-rolls. They’re called Redees. You get 10 in a pack at .35 grams per joint (3.5 grams or an eighth total). Before-tax, they’re about $22 dollars a package. Roughly $2 dollars a joint is pretty good. That’s even better when you think about the price for an eighth. You can typically buy 3.5 grams for about $30-$50. It’s cheaper than an eighth, and the bud comes pre-rolled.

Wappa is an Indica with a THC range of 14-22%. Not a total heavy-hitter, but Wappa certainly does the trick. Wappa has more of a skunky taste and smell. Which comes from its Pinene, Caryophyllene, Humulene and Myrcene. I happen to like skunky bud. Of course, some people are looking for a more discreet experience.

Redecan Pre’s look like cigarettes. They are not rolled the same as your typical pre-rolls. They burn evenly and never canoe. What gets me is the presentation. Let’s face it, we’ve all dreamed about being able to purchase a pack of joints like you can a pack of cigarettes. Now you can. This feels like progress, doesn’t it?

Think about it this way: The days of sharing joints is over. It’s getting too cold to take a bong out to meet your friends, why not grab a pack of Redees? Pass them out (in a socially distanced manner) and stay safe. These days not sharing is caring.

You can buy Redees in 5 strains.

Source: Redecan

Flower: Cold Creek Kush

At $5.50 a gram, this bud isn’t breaking the bank. Cold Creek Kush is a strong Sativa. 17-24% THC is pretty respectable. Lately, I’ve been reading about companies using a 20% minimum as a goal with their product. I think a 20% range is good. Extremely potent cannabis shouldn’t be the primary goal for growers. More licensed producers need to look into potent, but also consistent and cost-effective products.

Cold Creek Kush is rich with Trans-Caryophyllene, Pinene, Limonene and Linalool. The word Redecan uses to describe Cold Creek Kush is dank. I agree, I can’t find another way to define the smell and taste either. It’s heavy, earthy, rich. There’s nothing sweet about Cold Creek Kush. You smell it around corners and down hallways. But it gets your attention.

You can buy Cold Creek Kush in 1 gram, 3.5 gram, 7 gram and 15 gram packages. You can also buy 5 other strains from Redecan in a loose flower format.

Source: Redecan

Vape – Trainwreck disposable

You can buy Redecan vape products in a 510 cartridge or in a disposable pen, if you don’t already have a battery, Redecan has you covered. For first time users, I recommend a disposable pen. If you decide you’re not into vaping, you’re not stuck with a battery. Just puff it until it’s all gone, then throw it out and when you’re ready, re-up. Easy.

Trainwreck is a Sativa. Trainwreck has a 77-88% THC percentage range, which is pretty strong. The way vape products communicate THC is confusing. With flower, 20% seems to be a good range. Growers strive to grow bud with a THC percentage of 20% or higher. So what is a vape product in the 70's or 80’s?

The pen has a total of .35 grams in the entire thing. Typically, cannabis is more concentrated in vape form. Which means you get more cannabinoids in a concentrated form. Often you will find oils, hash, resin all under the category of concentrates, but vape products are the only products with a different range system. That’s because the consistencies for those products are different. They require fewer cannabinoids in their structural makeup.

Vapes may not smell, but they still have a flavor. Earth and pine are what people tend to taste with Trainwreck.

There are currently only two vape strains.

Source: Redecan

Oil: Reign Drops 1:30

Not everyone wants to smoke a joint, hit from a bong, or inhale vapor. Cannabis isn’t just for getting high. I know my dad was apprehensive about Cannabis until he discovered CBD oils and topicals. He has asthma so he doesn’t smoke. He’s always been a beer guy anyway. In the last couple of years, he’s learned how a drop under his tongue makes the arthritis in his knee feel better.

With the 1:30 Reign drops, there is no high. With 1-2 Mg of THC and 30 mgs of CBD, this is an anti-inflammatory or a sleep aid, not something intended to give you the munchies. There is minimal taste and smell with tinctures of any kind. The Canadian government has ruled that there should be no limit to how much CBD a product can contain. It has no negative properties to it.

Redecan’s also has tinctures with high CBD, high THC and balanced formulas. You will often see a ratio on cannabis product packaging. Those Cannabinoid ratios are always presented as THC:CBD. Redecan offers 4 skus in varying THC and CBD levels.

You can find Reign Drops in these rations; 1:30, 10:30, 15:15, 30:0.

Capsules: Redecan Gems

Are you looking to try a capsule? Maybe you’re looking for a daily CBD product. Maybe you’re not much of a smoker and you don’t feel comfortable in your ability to dose accurately, then convenience is what you want. You can now buy CBD (and THC) capsules.

Redecan oils and capsules typically won’t tell you what strain they come from, or any sort of terpene profile. Often Cannabinoids from multiple strains are extracted and combined to make oils and capsules. When you buy oils or capsules, you are often buying them for their THC or CBD properties. Redecan still provides you with good quality THC, CBD and balanced products. Among them is the Redecan Gem.

Redecan Gems come in four variations, 0:10, 3:9, 5:0 and 5:5.

Redecan’s a solid player.

I can see Redecan sticking around. In the coming years, the industry is going to experience change. Amalgamations, takeovers, bankruptcies, purchases. Cannabis is still a new industry. Some industries follow a rule of three. It’s been suggested that Cannabis in Canada may go that way as well.

The industry is also flooded with products and heavily regulated. I suspect Redecan’s range of offerings and consistent quality is going to keep them competitive. Being in multiple categories will also build them a base of proud Redecan loyalists. I for one am a fan because of the Redees.

Craft brands may not be able to tackle every category in the market. Mass-Market and Craft don’t go together. Craft is based on smaller production and a more exclusive audience. Craft is for Connoisseur’s, but it doesn’t make a mass-market product any less quality. Not all cannabis users are connoisseurs. That’s cool. No one expects them to be.

Of course, Redecan doesn’t want to be a connoisseur’s brand. That’s okay, you don’t have to be a craft grower to produce good quality cannabis. 30 years of agriculture is experience enough and the product proves it. Someone on their marketing team is also doing a pretty good job of getting Redecan noticed with their offerings.

So if you’re looking for flower, pre-rolls, vapes, oils, or capsules, look no further than Redecan.

Go to your local independent dispensary’s website and have something delivered today.

Source: Redecan


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