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Shroom Knowledge.

by Aisha Fane about a year ago in humanity

This is The Stream of Thought That Came to Mind When on Shrooms

Shroom Knowledge.
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This is an amazing feeling. In the beginning I wasn’t sure almost even scared but I understand now. Every thing is as it should be. The memories that you are creating. YOU make the memories therefore, you make your own reality. You are your past decisions. Your fears are what you make them. You make them so you can break them.(Every fear that we face is a fear we can overcome; and when we overcome, we create a new reality with one less fear)

Just breathe and understand that you are the master of your universe.

This is what I wanted. Everything that’s happening to me in my life, especially recently is because I wanted them to. I brought these things to myself.

But it is all a choice. Your mind is the key: the maker; like the DNA of cell. Your mind tells the universe what it wants to see in front of it.

On shrooms I discovered how so much of your trip depends on your mindset. You’re presented with a choice in your mind to see things one way or another and you choose if you want it to be positive or negative in energy. If you’re used to the negative, you’ll have a bad trip. If you’re used to the positive energy, you’ll have a much better trip.

I am glad I’ve been turning my energy positive these past few years regardless of what has happened to me.

I chose to be happy and I chose who I wanted to be in my life and I made it so. What are the odds I become good friends with someone who ends up dating someone who is looking for a place and is just as serious about it as I am? We keep looking and we find a place that let us move in same day.

We wanted furniture and we made it come to be. Our energy together. Our minds. We wanted to save money and we get the money we so deserved.

I came into it thinking he had a few things to learn from me. Little did I know that I would be the one learning from him.


It’s like clockwork. Our thoughts. So used to thinking in patterns. You almost can’t escape it but it’s the same pattern of feeling. We feel this about each and every decision. We go through these feelings in an instant.

People make decisions based off how they see things. That’s the disconnect between human beings. If an individual can understand that everyone is making decisions based off of their own perspective, a mutual understanding can be reached between any individuals.

We make decisions based off of what we’ve learned in life. Not by right or wrong, but the right or wrong shown to us in the past that stays with us.

If one takes that into account, they will no longer be angry or upset at the person for their wrongdoing. They’ll understand that the other person is only acting in accordance with what they’ve learned in the past.

In other words, you can’t take anything personal. Maybe they just don’t know how to be kind or genuine. Perhaps they’ve never had an experience that helped them learn. But since you know that they need that experience, you can help them, if you choose. Or you can brush it off and go about your business.

But an understanding can be reached.

However, given a situation where both individuals understand this truth, they’ll share peace and may never have a conflict with each other. They’ll be open minded and considerate. They can make decisions from the soul. Imagine a world where this is possible.

(Present Day) Ultimately I learned and understood. Whether you’re on shrooms, drunk, high or sober, you are always in control of what you see and do. If you feel like you’re more negative under some kind of influence, I suggest taking a deep look at yourself and dissecting whatever you need to in order to be in your best mind. I love you all and good day ❤️

Aisha Fane
Aisha Fane
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Aisha Fane

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