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Should weed be legal in the UK?

by Ellis L Grimshaw 2 years ago in culture
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From the perspective of a stoner.

Sadly not in the UK

AUG 12, 2020 AT 2:06 PM


Despite a growing spike in national cases of Covid all over Britain, it would seem we are still treating the rules on social distancing like it's a campaign for marmite.

And whilst I understand a need to try and keep our economic ship afloat, lest we want to sink into deep dark waters of a national recession.

But whilst floating through these uncharted waters like scavengers searching for a new booty to plunder, we must remember the dangers of social interaction.

And I, the captain of this vessel spy a possible solution to this growing storm of economic downfall.

Right so now that I've got all the pirate references out let me propose the possibility of legalisation of weed in Britain.

Sadly marijuana still holds an illegal status in Britain having ping ponged between the different classes like a Victorian orphan.

I've stated before that this itself is a slap in the face for the pro-weed community. Our status of criminality based on a what is effectively a herb.

Made even worse by the fact that countries are now waking up to the earthy smell of a pro-cannabis society. And yet here in Britain we are very much still in the dark ages.

The strange fact is that Marijuana's less fun sister, Hemp, is widely available and has never really been illegal.

Weed paraphernalia (bongs, pipes, grinders, etc) are available all over, so we have the tools to get this nation absolutely chroniced.

But yet this government of ours curses us by upholding the mythology of weed and thus making it a forbidden fruit.

So what would happen if we legalised it, well as I stated before there is clearly a growing demand for a pro-weed. Making it wisely available would reduce the crime aspect of the drug whilst also disarming portion of the black market.

Because of the illegality and ease of access to weed it's created extortionate inflation on the value of marijuana.

However, legalisation would mean that the cost would be re-evaluated, as suddenly it would be something that the government can profit from.

The value of legal would most likely follow the consumerist principle of £/kg based on the sourcing and quality.

Meaning that a competitive market would then be established by which growers can try to produce better strains.

This would develop a consumer interest to browse the market, as a weed advocate I would love nothing more than to go to a dispensary and treat it like a sweet shop.

Because those don't smoke often forget that weed is just an umbrella term, there's hundreds if not thousands of different strains.

Some that get you high and some that keep you low, not depressed but just complacent. Weed should be treated less like a drug but unironically like cheese.

The sooner that this market is allowed to open and people are allowed to make their own decision the better for all involved.

Alot of agencies have stated that the legalisation of weed would see tromendous benefits with very few issues.

The government could even offer the chance for government funded projects for HIGH (get it?) street businesses to get licenses for the distribution of marijuana.

Now I'm not saying that it shouldn't come without restrictions, it would be really irresponsible to not provide customers with a box of snacks for when the munchies kick in.

Truth of the matter is weed should have never been illegal, especially if alcohol and tobacco are so readily available.

So rather than drink Stella and beat your wife, or smoke and give yourself black lung.

Why not try the thousands of ways to ingest and enjoy marijuana.

And then as a nation, we can all sit on our asses in a hazy bubble and watch the dark days blow over as we laugh at dum pirate/ocean based jokes.

Why was the ocean so calm?

Cause of the sea WEED mother fucker!


Seriously if you still think that smoking weed is just as bad as heroin then you've seriously missed the pun.

El Grimshaw


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