Should CBD Be Used for Topical Treatments?

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CBD-based creams, lotions and more are being made for external use.

Should CBD Be Used for Topical Treatments?

Cannabidiol has been proven to be an effective oral remedy for quite a few ailments, namely arthritis, depression, and anything regarding inflammation. It’s no surprise that it’s also being marketed for topical applications.

While the skin acts as a huge barrier between the environment and your body, CBD can indeed be absorbed through the skin. There are even endocannabinoid molecules and receptors found throughout the skin, just like they are in internal organs.

Some of the notable conditions CBD can treat topically includes:

• Acne: CB2 receptors are found in sebaceous glands, and the interaction with cannabidiol prevents the formation of fats. This can also mitigate seborrheic keratosis in the same fashion.

• Psoriasis: This is a condition caused by inflammation and the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can alleviate it.

• Dermatitis: This is yet another inflammatory condition that’s more commonly found in children. Instead of using corticosteroid creams, which are full of side-effects, you may try a CBD-based cream.

• Arthritis: CBD is able to reduce inflammation to help manage this disorder. As well as oral supplementation of CBD, a topical solution can be more effective as it bypasses the first-pass metabolism.

• Wounds and scars: Multiple studies had shown the acceleration of healing when CBD oil was topically applied, as well as a reduction in inflammation.

• Pain relief: Soreness from injuries or overburdened muscles can be alleviated by topical CBD applications, preferably in conjunction with oral supplementation.

There are still ongoing studies about the topical usage for CBD. This includes it being used to treat vitiligo, a skin condition that changes the pigmentation of the sufferer’s skin.

Legitimacy and Purity

Before anything else, make sure any creams, shampoos, or pure vials of oil actually have a significant amount of CBD in it. Not every CBD-based product is created equal, and quite frankly, there is plenty of unreliable stuff on the market. Some of the cheaper products on the market may not have a significant amount of it at all.

To buy pure CBD oil, you are better of going with well established brands that are lab-tested and with a plethora of user reviews. This assures that the THC is well below the legal level, and that the product has the amount of CBD as advertised.

Any decent product will list the cannabidiol content in milligrams, along with the concentration of other secondary ingredients. If you buy something labeled with CBD isolate or THC-free, it should be pure without other cannabinoids. Going for whole plant formulas has its benefits, but you should evaluate if you want the other plant components in your regiment.

What is the best way to apply CBD oil?

CBD oil is found in products like shampoos, creams, or lotions to make it’s application even easier. It should be noted that since skin mitigates it’s absorption, it should be liberally applied. If you’re just getting started with CBD, you can dilute it with coconut oil or essential oils before applying.

The fortunate part about applying external CBD oil is that it doesn’t enter the bloodstream, so it works on the site where it’s applied without any secondary effects you want to avoid. The CBD oil will interact with any nearby cannabinoid receptors when set on the skin, zoning in on the problem you want to resolve.

In order to cross the skin/blood barrier, trans-dermal CBD patches are really the only known method. This may be an even better way for internal CBD use compared to ingestion as it bypasses the liver, assuring most of it gets into the bloodstream.

Final Thoughts

Assuming you buy products high in purity, there are indeed topical uses for CBD, even though you would need to use it in higher quantities. As medical research continues to grow, there would be an even clearer picture on how CBD benefits the skin, as well as more efficient application methods.

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