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by James Stuckey 5 years ago in how to / humor
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What not to do during a toking session.

We all knew what they were doing... Being happy

This is something that has discussed for ages... What not to do while in a smoking session! Don't we all have that one friend who needs to see this? Pass this post to your bastard buddies who need a lil nudge in the right direction.

So let's start with common courtesy... When someone asks you to come to a session or come smoke with them you should be prepared. First things first PACK A LIGHTER. No one likes searching around to find fire like caveman. You should also ask what you're smoking out of, that way no one's lost when the bud comes out and it's time to get busy.

Now that you have your fire and your utensils, it's time to smoke. Go ahead toke up! 💨💨💨

Your good and high right!?!

Alright, let me tell you what not to do while you're still in session.

Do not, I repeat, do not cough into the bowl or bong! Don't cough into the blunt. It's gross and people hate it. Also, it sucks having to be the guy to re fill the bong after you splashed nasty bong juice everywhere. Don't be him!

Now when we first started this session did you see how much time McKayla put into rolling that joint? Wouldn't it be horrible if we couldn't smoke it because you wet-lipped the J (licked the mouth piece of the blunt)? Well don't tongue kiss the J bro! Doing this can make people have to re-roll, not wanna smoke or even be able to. Simple tip before puting the utensil to your lips; don't lick your lips, wipe them instead!

Another don't that many people do which drives me nuts is the "I need air" move. This drives people crazy because the point was to replace the air with the smoke. If you're invited to a session and it's in a car and all the windows are up (Hot boxing) then you keep them that way. Do not be the d*ckbag to open the door and let the smoke out! Just don't, take it!

Okay the bong's on me now! I'm about to light it when... But wait you guys just have to hear about this time I took a shopping cart down this hill. Okay look I got really high with my buddy once and felt like doing some totally random sh*t. So what we did was....

Pause. Cut Cut CUT!

The whole time this guy is telling his story he's holding the bong like this is a solo private session or something. Don't be that guy! For the love of Jane, don't be him. You can tell your story and be productive at the same time. Pause the script, toke up! Then get back to the funnies, it'll be appreciated more!

I just gave you guys some pretty basic don'ts while in a session. Have your buds read over this so they know what you're looking for when it's time to blaze!

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