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Reasons Why Weed and Women Go Together

The list of why weed and women go together could be a mile long, but here are some of the highlights.

By Ed GreenPublished 8 years ago 7 min read
Illustration by @themoonbacon

Bringing both style and wits to the marijuana industry, women pair perfectly with weed. From topics such as activism, reform to cultivation, and more, weed and women go together, together sparking creativity and insight, and bringing forth necessary change.

Women Support the Reform and Legalization of Weed

Marijuana is at the center of one of the fastest growing industries of the time. Who better than calm and collected women to help bring it to the forefront of the public eye? Since it is a medicinal substance with benefits to offer its users, women can take various roles in supporting its legalization all over the country. From shop owners to cultivators to legal reform and awareness promotion, who could be a better partner? With witty yet realistic views on where the industry could be just a few years from now, women are crucial to the development of marijuana reform. Forecasted to bring in $11 billion in revenue by 2019, there hasn’t been a better time for women to step up to the mantle.

Better Weed Comes from Tender Loving Care

Women are nurturers, they know how to take care and raise up. This is just what it takes to ensure a good finished product in the marijuana industry. With a natural tendency toward being consistently there when you need them, weed could not go without women. As growers and caretakers, women tend to outperform men when it comes to making sure the plant is healthy and well, which makes for a very good smoking experience. Being able to provide a high quality product to customers is very important in the weed industry. Smoking less and getting higher is a great way to save money and help out the lungs. Knowing how to meet the needs of the plants on a day to day basis and ensuring they have all the nutrients they need to grow, it’s easy to see the reasons why weed and women go together.

Women Can Roll Great Joints, and Make Awesome Blunts 

Who ever said all women have to be good at is cooking? While this is a stereotype, it has great value in the fact that women can roll some very nice and pristine joints. Nobody wants to spark a spliff only to have it fall apart halfway through smoking it. This is why women run the rolling arena with their great attention to detail. Whether it is rolling a joint or perfecting that pearl-worthy blunt, we can always trust women to deliver. Not to mention the satisfaction that rolling up perfectly brings.

Weed Smells Amazing

What could possibly be better than to look, feel, and smell amazing? Weed has many different aromas and scents to create the perfect smoking experience. Who needs perfume when they can just light up a nicely rolled joint, as women have amazing joint rolling skills, and walk out the door feeling great and smelling amazing. This can make the start of a bleak day suddenly become colorful and exciting. With such an amazing aroma, all those around will be wanting to know how they can get their hands on some.

Weed Calms the Nerves 

When it’s that time of the month and the PMS starts to kick in, marijuana makes a great friend to calm those nerves. With weed in the picture those moments that seem really stressful can take a turn and become blissful. A hit of some dank indica can have that tension gone in no time, or a hit of sweet sativa can have that mind out of the grinder and into the clouds. When it seems like it’s been a rough day, the boss was a jerk, or maybe the car stalled on the way to work; These worries can be set aside with a nice relaxing smoke session. Letting your worries subside is a great way to reduce stress and increase health. Since stress can actually lead to bad health this is a great way to circumvent those seemingly unavoidable stressful moments.

Activism Loves Women

What better than the friendly face of a woman to lead the charge against marijuana reform? Without all of the added testosterone, women find it easier to be non-aggressive while facing down opposition. In a country where marijuana is still considered illegal at the federal level, the marijuana industry is in desperate need of a friendly face to portray the truth about weed to the masses. If an event needs to be organized, a message needs to be delivered, or a stand needs to be made, trust that women are capable of pushing the topic of weed activism to good places. From holding conversations with policy-makers to hosting events on marijuana reform, the need for activism is another of the reasons why weed and women go together.

Weed Creates a Creative Atmosphere 

Whether the task at hand is to create an event, creating art or any other project, weed brings forth creative thought processes to move the ideas along. When our minds get clouded or stuck on outside influences, weed helps bring some creativity into the mix to get the ideas flowing again. Women tend to be more creative from the start, making this effect of weed even more important to them. From CEOs to small business owners, weed brings forth a creative attitude for the women who smoke it. Allowing for previously unforeseen opportunities to be taken, deals to be made, and better steps to be taken whether in business or in life. Women and weed match perfectly when it comes to creative expressions of oneself both in style and attitude.

Who Doesn’t Love Edibles

Earlier I mentioned that it’s a stereotype that all women can, or should be able to, cook. Well, those that do enjoy cooking can bake up some delicious edibles as well. From brownies to cake, muffins, and cookies, if it includes butter as an ingredient then you can bet women run the show. The variety of marijuana edibles is endless, and includes a ton of tasty creations and deserts. With the added benefits of removing the need for smoking it, weed is a tasty and potent treat when eaten. Edibles take a bit longer to take effect, but when they do they last from four to eight hours, sometimes longer. This is a healthy alternative to smoking the weed since smoke is not entering the lungs. With great attention to detail, and a nurturing nature, women and edibles are a noteworthy pair.

New Strains New Experiences

What is better than taking two really good marijuana strains and combining them to make one really great strain? Women stand strong when it comes to creating new delicious strains of weed, improving the industry and bringing forth great product. With a caring approach and a green thumb, women are in a great position to improve upon already great marijuana strains. Also, after a new strain has been developed, who better than a woman to test it out and describe the experience for all of those looking to try it out.

Smoking Is a Social Experience

Smoking weed is a great way to socialize and mingle with friends. Whether it is a small group or a large group, weed helps to make socializing more rewarding. By reducing the stress levels of all those involved, better conversations can be had. Improving the content and atmosphere surrounding a conversation, weed allows ideas to flow freely. The added creativity and serenity involved after smoking a great bowl of weed makes this perfect for a social gathering with the ladies, as if you needed a better reason why weed and women go together.

Weed Pairs Perfectly with Gaming

Who says women don’t play video games? Whether a new high score is the goal or just a relaxing evening of non-serious activities, weed, women and gaming pair perfectly. Enhancing creativity and changing perspective can be a very useful asset in that great game of choice. Whether a new strategy is needed to deliver the team to victory, or a new solution to a problem in the game is needed, weed can help. Women, being naturally more creative after smoking weed, can also aid in the development of great games. Whether the game is just in the conceptual phase, testing, or on the market, you can bet that women and weed will help to make it a better experience for all.

Music and Weed

While listening to that awesome song on the radio, what better than to light up a great bowl of the dank to make the listening experience more rewarding? Ladies, whether it is your favorite Adele song or Taylor Swift, a nice joint can help to hit those notes that otherwise would’ve been flat. If it’s time for your much anticipated solo on that verse that is just the best, weed makes it even better! Especially for those women who create music and find themselves in a creative drought, weed can bring forth fresh new ideas for your hit song. Sometimes all that is needed is that creative push in the right direction.

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