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Most Common Myths About Cannabis

By clearing up some common myths about cannabis, we open the door for an educated future.

By Potent StaffPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

As the most widely known molecule found in cannabis, THC has been a thing of myths for a long time. Scrutinized as far back as Chinese emperors, many of the myths believed for centuries were simply due to a lack of factual knowledge. As the legalization movement begins to accelerate, the global community of information expanded, and common myths about cannabis started to get debunked. Plus there was the invention of the internet, so, that helped quite a bit too. Fortunately, with time comes knowledge and with knowledge comes...well... truth. So let's get started and start busting these common myths about cannabis.

Myth: You Can Overdose on Cannabis

THC is in fact, one of the few drugs that does not have a limit on ingestion. Compared to other substances which can cause heart complication or even permanent brain damage, cannabis is for the large part non-threatening to your health. Although pot advocates and medicinal user know their own supplemental tolerance, many have tried to break their own limits by consuming the most THC that they could possibly get their hands on. With zero reported overdoses of marijuana, this drug is not one or mortal danger. What we do while we're high on the other hand, could be of significant danger.

Myth: Cannabis Causes Memory Loss

There is some truth to the statement, but not entirely. THC is known to only effect insignificant short term memories that your brain often classifies as irrelevant or not important. So, you may not be able to remember yesterday's breakfast, but when it comes to those amazing childhood memories or monumental life moments, rest assure you won't be forgetting them due to cannabis use anytime soon. Who knows, you may even rekindle your favorite memories with a little smoke session.

Myth: Cannabis is a Gateway Drug

Cannabis has always held a stigma for being the gateway to the world's most addicting drugs. Most of us already know this to be false, as most pot advocates have smoked for years, and have yet to shift their sights to any other substance. Luckily, researchers have moved away from blaming cannabis and have now have put their focus on other more harmful gateway substances like alcohol. Many have even come forward to express how cannabis has helped them get clean from various other dangerous drugs out there. So, there may be no hope in dope, but when it comes to that joint, it only a matter of who is sparking it.

Myth: Cannabis Kills Brain Cells

Anti-cannabis activist sstemming back all the way to the 30s have questioned pot enthusiast and their IQ, but research has proven otherwise. Tests have shown that cannabis has an insignificant impact on IQ throughout life. Now that's a bright idea. This common myth about cannabis also loses a lot of it's moxie due to the famous smokers out therewho have done some revolutionary shit. Just to name a few: George Washington, Steve Jobs, Willie Nelson, Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, Shakespeare, Bob Marley, Michael Phelps...you get the point. The proof is in the pudding. Some dumb people may smoke weed, but weed does't make you dumb.

Myth: Eating Cannabis Will Get You High

A question that most newbies in the cannabis culture ask is 'what happens if I eat this nug, and will I get high?". However to answer that question, you would first need to know what tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THC-A) is. THC-A is a THC molecule, which most of you stoners already know. Something you may not know is that THC-A will not get you stoned. It is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in raw and live cannabis which when dried converts to THC.

In stoner terms, if THC-A is not properly heated, you will not get stoned and furthermore, you will not get stoned by simply eating a nugget of your favorite strain. So get to rolling and stop wasting those buds on your appetite!

Myth: Cannabis Has No Medicinal Benefits

I must say out of all these myths about cannabis, this one has to be the most upsetting. There is no longer a need to argue about if marijuana holds medicinal value. 25 states (and more to come soon) have legalized cannabis for medicinal use. I mean THC is so widely used that even big pharma has tried to replicate it with a synthetic version called Marinol. But seeing the results of the synthetic marijuana, it is clear nothing will ever be as beneficial as the natural stuff.

Myth: You Can Get Withdrawals From Cannabis

When it comes to addiction, humans are notorious for falling into bad habits. Some of us are just prone to addiction. Once you realize the addiction and try to solve for it, you have to deal with withdrawal. Withdrawal from drugs like heroin and prescription pills can sometimes be as hard on the body as the drug itself! Luckily for us cannabis enthusiast, this is not something we have to worry about. Cannabis does not have addictive qualities and therefore you can not suffer physical withdrawal from. Will it effect your mood? Probably. But quitting sugar or coffee would be physically more taxing than quitting weed. Mark this one down as another debunked myth about cannabis!

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