Mary Mothers

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Cann-a-mom? Raise your hand!

Mary Mothers
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There's one thing that is quite clear, cannabis is on the rise. It's medicinal purposes are real and effective. The side of marijuana, that the government has long time neglected, is making a come back into doctor's office prescriptions. The United States has had a back and forth tug-a-war happening for decades regarding this plant. But what's gonna happen when/if it reaches full maximum potential for legalization? Are we mature enough as a nation to accept this "hail-Mary?"

In all honesty, I am not going to debate whether or not it works. I do not wish to argue any point or perspective except my own. That being said, I will begin my long list of physical, emotional and mental restrictions and diagnosis. I would prefer to have this kind of conversation, as a conversation. But since I have a platform, why not abuse the hell out of it, right? RIGHT!

First of all, I'm 23, and I'm a stay-at-home mom. I work from home doing freelance artistry, and now I write for fun. The creativity aspect is no doubt a symptom of the marijuana. However, I was always inclined to create as a child. I wanted to learn and absorb it all. Unfortunately, THIS article isn't an ode for my childhood, maybe later.

Physically, my body is a mess. Before I successfully conceived my son, my partner and I experienced two miscarriages, two years in a row. Back to back years, both of the maybe-babies due dates were on my 21st, and 22nd birthdays. So, my body's hormonal calendar was on point, but I was significantly thrown the loop with rage and pain. After the second loss, my body had a two month break. And then the end of January 2017, I found out I was pregnant again. Through all the other pregnancies, I had been ill, my uterus was rejecting the fetus and I couldn't even hold down water. This time was even worse. I had no clue how to handle myself. I slept all day, and I lost 17 pounds in the first two months. A lot of women have this issue, but my doctor had me on a close watch for high risk pregnancy due to the previous mishaps. My mother-in-law suggested new things for me to try every single day, nothing worked, until she suggested cannabis. I could finally eat, I could wake up and walk through the morning sickness like a breeze. I gained weight and for the first time, I made it to the second trimester. Hmm.

Anyways, I stay at home with my son, mainly because I prefer to have him at home with me. I've been a certified nanny since 2012 and I have seven brothers and sisters. There's an even split down the middle of four boys and four girls, myself being the oldest. From a young age of five, when my brother was born, I became obsessed with babies. Fortunately for me, my parents were no longer in a toxic relationship with each other, and my mother gained full custody of me. I am the only child born from the two of them at the age of 14 (yes they were younger than usual). All of my siblings are half/adopted. However, I will never love them as anything less than my blood. You could say I helped raise them while I grew up. I learned toddler meal-prep before I had my driver's license. I'm not against daycare facilities or anything. I just want my son to have a strong connection with his family and learn correct behavior, instead of trying to figure it out with his peers at the ripe old age of one. (A mom joke!)

My little one-year-old just turned 15-months-old. He's been walking since he was nine-months-old, and talking gibberish since six. I have taught him sign language. He can fluently communicate through basic phrases and he can even tell us how old he is. He's on a routine schedule, with a three to four hour nap EVERY day. He was born the happiest baby, and he's been sleeping through the night since he was two-weeks-old. He is stubborn and independent just like any other baby. We just believe in communicating properly from the gate, to avoid later conflict and hurdles when he's a stronger, three to five-year-old.

Now, the only reason I mention my little stinker, is because a lot of women and bloggers will, and currently are, arguing the rights of woman and mothers to Marijuana. Let me be perfectly clear to my point of view. I have an array of diagnosis and even with the doctor's approval, I feel like a bad mother for wanting to take care of myself with an herbal medication instead of shoveling pills into my body like they suggest as an alternative. I have arthritis in my right hand, my jaw and my knee joints. I am currently seeking more treatment for sciatica. I am an epileptic. I am a diagnosed C-PTSD patient, and I have an eating disorder due to the multiple pregnancies.

The only reason I, or any other mother, should feel guilty, is if they know and feel in their hearts that they are, in some way, neglecting their child. I do not approve of ANY neglected children, and opinion or not, some people should not be parents. THIS being said, advocating for these woman and mothers is not an invitation to be openly smoking around your children either. I just believe, as someone with so many physical issues (I will write an extension article next week regarding the diagnosis and how cannabis helps factually), that if it works for you, then it's no one else's business. The actual excuse that so many "soccer wine moms" give to other "soccer Xanax moms." I deserve the right to heal my body and mind however I see fit. If a doctor told someone that they were cut off from their long term Xanax prescription because of a social stigma, the classes would riot in the streets. Where's our riot for medicinal marijuana? (Would never happen because most of us are busy with our lives and the fact that cannabis helps us feel whole again. Why can't moms and parents unite under the common knowledge that it is just another way to cope? AND it's probably the healthier option of the three, given that it's a renewable resource and it's non-addictive.

I don't want to make this article about anything other than cannabis for mothers, only because I can't speak for anyone else but myself and my outlook. I hate to put a sexist term on that, but even if you're a guy and you're gonna give birth, honey you might want some pot for that back pain afterwards. Cheers folks!

Kayla Anne
Kayla Anne
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