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Marijuana Saved My Life.

by Kevin Forster 16 days ago in health

My discovery, use, and love of natural medicine.

Marijuana Saved My Life.


Pot, weed, indo, chronic, herb, bud. The list goes on and on and on. The bottom line is this: It fucking rocks.

Everybody's first time is different, but still somehow the same. You have no clue what it will do to you, whatever piece you use to smoke out of is ALWAYS filthy, and you get really, really hungry. My first time was with my friends in an RV at NASCAR weekend in Fontana, CA. I had always avoided it because, well... I don't really know why I avoided it. Looking back, I think I was missing out.

I had friends in high school that smoked it and even sold it. (Way before it was legal for recreation.) I just never had any interest in it, but I was almost always curious.

I absolutely LOVE marijuana, and every aspect of it. It's a medicine, a currency, a peace offering, a bargaining chip, and truthfully, a saving grace.

About 2 years ago, I was a pack a day smoker and a raging alcoholic. I was headed down a very dark path, and I didn't see anything wrong with how I was living. I stopped smoking pot for a long time because it didn't fit my lifestyle. Early to rise every morning, and I stayed up late every night. Weed would just make me tired, and I couldn't have that happening at a party. I was going fast and hard, trying to destroy my liver and lungs. (unintentionally)

I began to smoke weed again because I was told it would help me relax. I was high strung, very angry, and addicted to alcohol. That's a recipe for disaster. I was blacking out almost every weekend, and drinking a 12 pack, every single night of the week. Admittedly, I was trying to drink myself to death. I was depressed, angry, and I kept blaming all of my problems on everything, and everyone else. I don't remember when I had finally had enough, but I remember thinking "This isn't right. This is no way to live. I have a problem. I need help."

Those words rang in my ears for days. "I need help."

I didn't even know where to look for help. I couldn't afford a professional, and I didn't want to admit I needed help to my loved ones.

My roommate at the time, was also going through a rough patch and he was a heavy smoker. He offered to smoke me out one night, and the rest is history.

I could never find anything to help me fully quit smoking cigarettes. I tried everything I could, and nothing stuck. Marijuana was that buffer. I got to a point where I wanted to taste what I was smoking, and not just get stoned from it, so I trained my taste buds to taste more than just smoke. After that, cigarettes tasted like absolute shit.

During my transition from drinking, I realized just how toxic alcohol was for me. It amplified my anger, and my depression. It heightened my mental anguish. It only worsened everything I thought it had been helping. I didn't know where to seek help for my addiction, once again I tried many things, and sure enough; nothing stuck. Marijuana was that buffer.

I discovered that after smoking pot daily for a few weeks, my mood began to improve, my thirst for alcohol lessened, and my mind was open to new things. The depression and anger lessened. The physical pain lessened. The anxieties of life lessened. I was no longer drinking during the day, and wishing to be home so that I could get shitfaced. Every single aspect of my life was changed for the better. My relationships with loved ones improved. My overall drive and desire to live improved. I actually had a lust for life.

With the healing powers of marijuana, I was able to successfully quit drinking, quit smoking cigarettes, and beat the addiction that had been beating me for years. Marijuana is medicine.

Peter Tosh, Legalize It. 1976

Kevin Forster
Kevin Forster
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