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Marijuana and Arthritis: 7 facts You Need to Know

by Grace Hawkins 3 years ago in health
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Marijuana for relieving pain

Aging is a stressful process that culminates your persona severely through innumerable experiences but seizes your vigor and might slowly in the way. As much as people in their teens wish aging as a blessing, after a certain point in life, this very wish turns out to be a bane, and it has everything to do with the number of inabilities that aging brings with itself. Deteriorating physical health is one of the greatest drawbacks that people have to face as soon as they cross mid-life. Other than weakening eyesight, an ailment that is the most complained about by old-age people has to be joint pains or Arthritis.

A majority of the population worldwide is suffering from arthritis as the primary cause of physical disability. Arthritis is restricting millions of people from pain-free mobility through its various symptoms that include stiff joints, swelling, inflammation, and an everlasting sensation of pain. All while these symptoms are a prominent cause of distress for aged people, medical sciences still have not been able to find a cure to treat arthritis permanently. We do not know how long it will take for researchers to seek a permanent cure, but surely there are hundreds of medical treatments that are helping to make arthritis bearable.

Amidst the hoard of medications and treatments, there is an emerging remedy that is said to be capable of treating arthritis naturally. Marijuana is that ingredient that is readily gaining popularity for its many therapeutic properties. To know more about medical marijuana and its effects on arthritis, let us go through these seven facts that will shed more light on marijuana and arthritis.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Marijuana is home to various medicinal properties, one of them being efficiently anti-inflammatory. Arthritis is known to render inflammation in joints that results in various other concerns that might include extreme pain, inability to move, swollen area, and stiffness. Medical marijuana tends to provide relief from these symptoms with its safe usage. Marijuana can provide anti-inflammatory benefits similar to any medication, so medical practitioners might offer its usage as well.

Marijuana for relieving pain

While the anti-inflammatory property heals inflammation well to soothe the pain, medical marijuana also induces pain-relieving qualities that can even improve chronic pain. The components present inside marijuana directly interact with the endocannabinoid system, upon its consumption to create pain-relieving effects inside the user's body. Hence, making it a potential ingredient for treating arthritis and several other chronic pain-inducing ailments.

A non-side effect variant

Medical marijuana surely offers therapeutic properties to treat several health ailments though one cannot overlook a few of its side effects that the elderly may fail to counter. In such a case, there is also another variant of marijuana that you might use as a potential treatment for arthritis. CBD or cannabidiol is a powerful component of marijuana itself, which is rich in equally beneficial properties, yet it is a lot different than marijuana. CBD does not render psychoactive effects on its users. There are also fewer risks with the usage of CBD, making it an acceptable option at the same time.

Only certain marijuana strains help

Marijuana comprises an array of varying strains that have different roles and effects on its usage. Not all strains are capable of providing benefits in healing arthritis. Only selected ones are helpful to reap benefits. Some are rich in CBD while others are rich in THC, making them all different as soon as the strength of the component changes. Here are a few of them that might serve the best effects for treating arthritis.




*Power plant

It will be helpful if you go on to check the only strain review website to get your hands on the one that is rightly suited to you.

Potential treatment for anxiety

The disability to move and constant pain can invite several other ailments that are not limited to being physical but mental also. Anxiety is one of the many concerns that people might face under the anguish of arthritis pain. Marijuana prominently helps in easing anxiety and mood swings to make one feel refreshed and better. The anti-anxiolytic properties of marijuana work extremely well to heal anxiety.

Helps to get over insomnia

One of the many consequences of arthritis pain is acquiring insomnia. One can usually find a disturbed sleeping pattern in arthritis patients that can be both the result of pain and the affecting mental health. Marijuana can help to ease sleeping concerns with its relaxing characteristics. Marijuana is already known for producing relaxing effects, so its effect on the sleeping pattern will surely allow the user to get a good night's sleep.

Choosing the right product

Choosing the right marijuana product also helps in obtaining the results you wish to achieve through its usage. For instance, the application of marijuana topicals directly on the affected area can ease the pain. On the other hand, oral consumption of marijuana edibles gradually eases arthritis concerns such as inflammation or anxiety.

Various marijuana products are available in the market at your ease. Once you get a brief from an expert physician on the safe usage of medical marijuana, you are good to go!


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