Maria and Mary

The start...

Maria and Mary

I opened my eyes that morning to two of the most beautiful things, Maria and Mary. Maria was still sleeping. Mary, on the other hand, had been up all night waiting for me. She was always there for me, waiting, which was nice considering the amount of time I spent waiting for her. Mary was my cosmic mate. Maria, well she was just beautiful and evil. The way a good woman should be. When asked, I would have said, “Maria is the one I will grow old with, the apple of my eye, my soul mate. We connect on a physical level beyond measure.” Mary, on the other hand, was my cosmic mate, which meant we had a universal connection. Mary connected me with the world all around us and with myself as well, she showed me the power of my own mind. It was two powerful connections with two beautiful females, and no love lost.

I crawled outta bed, reached for Mary, and pulled her in close. I put my hands all over her in the usual way. It was a ritual of sorts as I inhaled her scent as deeply as I could. The seemingly casual appearance of the ritual came, not from the obvious repetition of the event, but from the time, care, love, observation and pride of attention one gives in getting to know someone or something on such a visually personal level.

I had finished with Mary and the only trace of her left in the room was her seducing aroma. Maria awoke to the sound of my lighter passionately helping me to achieve that instant and momentary “perfect moment” that comes with every freshly-lit cigarette. She smiled and threw me that look of disappointment you get when you leave someone behind on what turned out to be an amazing night. I had dealt with this look before, and I quickly dispelled it with a kiss and a question. Or so I thought…

“How’d you sleep?”

“You didn‘t wait.”


“You never wait.”

“You need a new pillow?”

“What is so hard about waiting?”

“Life is too short to keep anyone waiting. Is your mattress too wet and hard?”

“Wet and Hard??” Dispelled!!

“I slept fine, thank you.” she said with an evil grin and another female face contortion.

Women display their emotions on their face, so if you can learn to read them right, you will never be left guessing. That look, my second in thirty seconds, told me something completely different than how she “slept” that night.

“I would have slept better if you had been here all night. Why do you only sleep a few hours a night? ”

“No reason.” I said, trying to hide the truth. She gave me another look and I knew, she knew that I was lying.

“No reason, huh? When people run out of reasons for staying awake, they sleep or they die, and since you are neither sleeping nor dead, I will repeat the question. What keeps you up at night?”

Powerless to resist such beauty I replied with a rare honesty. Besides, I had been keeping it from Maria as long as I could and that was the first time she had confronted me on the subject.

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