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Looking through fear

by Keanu about a year ago in humanity

Tripping in the car

Looking through fear
Photo by James Newcombe on Unsplash

I couldn't tell you what day it was or month. All I know is my expierence off dimethyltryptamine(DMT). Now this drug is supposed to be the feeling of birth and/or death. This wasn't my first time so I already knew what was in store, so I thought.

I believe it was a Fall, it was a beautiful night to be out. I don't know how the idea came about but my friend Dom and I decided to trip on DMT that night. Keep in mind we're 21 and 20, trying to find all the answers life has. So, there we are, sitting in his car, parked on the street in a quiet neighborhood. He puts on Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon. Now, I've never listened to that type of music before. Growing up the only thing I associated that kind of rock with was evil.

He pulls out a vaporizor pen. Normally these vapes are used for concentrated canabis but this cartridge of dmt was designed to fit this specific vape. He takes 1,2,3,4 hits and he lays back and hands me the vape. It's my turn. 1 big hit, exhale. Another big hit, exhale. I feel something but not completly. One more hit, inhale.......exhale and away I was. The first time I tried DMT I took 4 hits, this time I took 3. I close my eyes and lay back and let the music take control. Weird shapes and figures are coming across till finally I can start to make out what I was seeing. I started seeing a red figure. I couldn't really see what it was but it started to become more clear. It was still a red figure, I can't really put a face to it, but the best way I could describe it is the demon from the movie Insidious. This freaked me out and I opened my eyes real quick. I was back into reality.

I was freaking out, panicking looking everywhere, and there was Dom still laying there with his eyes closed with a smile on his face. I gather myself and calm down then look out the window of the car. There's about 7 big trees on both sides of the street, and all of a sudden they start turing into soldier like figuers. Something straight out of a cartoon. They stood there with honor with thier broad shoulders all facing towards me. Again I started to freak out and panicking and look over and there was Dom, laying down with a smile on his face. That's when I started to think. Am I more afraid with my eyes closed or open. I decided to close them. There it is again, a red figure. I could tell it wasn't the same figure but this time the thing was crafting something as if it were a workshop. I stay a few moments longer and decide that it would be better to have my eyes open. I open my eyes and there are the soldiers, standing there with pride. This time on the right side of the street there was an eagle with its back towards me. This wasn't an ordinary eagle, it had to be at least 200 feet tall. Scared out of my mind I close my eyes again. There's no escaping this red demon. It's still crafting something, preparing for who knows what. I would rather face the eagle then this Demon. My eyes open again and the bird's head is now starting to turn towards me. I stared to freak out again. I looked to my right, I looked all around the car hoping something would help me. And there to the left of me was Dom laying down with his eyes closed, smile on his face.

So, I took a deep breathe and decided to face this bird. I watched it slowly turn its head. The suspence was killing me. I looked over to the other side of the street. The soldiers were still just standing there not budging, looking forward, protecting what I would assume this eagle. I look back at the eagle and it's almost starting to face me, but only the head was moving. Its body faced the opposite way. I give one last glance at the soldiers and determine myself to face this eagle. It finally made its way around. Now, we're looking at eachother head on. It can see me but I can see through it. I guess you could say it had no soul because I felt nothing looking into its eyes. All of a sudden the car starts lifting off the ground. I look out the passenger window, the car is still ground level, but then I looked foward towards the eagle, the car is levitaing slowly to meet it face to face. I accept what's happening and stare into its eyes as I slowly rise to its level. As soon as I get face to face with this eagle, the car drops to ground, the bird turns into a tree. The soldiers turn back into trees and all there is, is music playing with two friends in a car.



Done some things in my life that im not too proud of but they made me who I am

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