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Is the Gas Mask Bong Worth Using?

by Glen Ryan 4 years ago in product review

This product is fun to show off, but is the gas mask bong worth using? We weigh the pros and cons.

People are always looking for the newest way to get a marijuana high. It's kind of like learning a new trick (ever smoke weed out of an apple before?). So when the gas mask bong came along, pot enthusiasts were excited to try this new method. What's the verdict? Is the gas mask bong worth using?

A Novelty Item

Most smokers agree that the gas mask bong makes for an awesome novelty item. If you love collecting weed paraphernalia, you should head out to your favorite head shop right now. Call it cool, unusual, or even a little bit scary; either way, the gas mask is a one-of-a-kind smoking piece.

More fad than function?

If you invite some people over to smoke and chill, the gas mask bong could make for a great conversation piece, in addition to being a weird toy to play with. However, while it could be fun for the occasional party, it's more of a looker than a performer.

Hands down, you should not depend on a gas mask bong for all of your smoking sessions. Don't buy one thinking it's going to be your new go-to.

One and Done

Unlike other smoking materials, like papers or pipes, this type of bong isn't suitable for a prolonged smoking session. If you want to smoke weed while you listen to your favorite record front to back or watch a movie, you'd be better off using something else.

The gas mask bong hits you so strongly on the first rip that one hit might be all you need. This is part of why it's more of a novelty item than a way to regularly smoke weed.

Getting Smoked Out

Getting smoked out is one of the biggest problems with the gas mask bong. Since one hit is good enough to last you for a little while, people who don't know that will end up having a poor experience. Getting too high for psychological and physical comfort is the last thing you want.

Feel the burn.

Not only can this type of bong knock you on your ass, but because it can hurt your eyes. It's a mask, it traps all of the weed smoke inside, meaning your face is essentially trapped in a tiny hot box. While this can give you a good high, it can cause a stinging sensation in your eyes. If you do try the gas mask bong, be sure to close your lids.

Smoke Inhalation

Smoke inhalation is another rather unpleasant effect of this type of bong. You might be thinking, "Smoke inhalation is kind of the point," but we're not talking about the THC.

When you inhale from a gas mask bong, some of the smoke goes into your lungs to get you high. But when that smoke gets exhaled, you just keep inhaling the smoke over and over again. In such a small space that is so close to your face, it can impair your breathing. So if you use this bong to smoke, don't linger too long.

Limited Usage

We've talked about how the gas mask bong has limited usage for the individual, but it also has limited usage for groups. While it is still something fun to take out and use during a party, passing it around your everyday smoke circle isn't practical.

If you smoke with friends several times throughout the week, then passing a gas mask around is way more inconvenient than passing a joint. Frankly, it's just cumbersome.

It's detachable.

The good thing about the gas mask bong, though, is that you can detach the bong from the mask. So theoretically, you could use it as a gas mask bong or remove the mask and use it as your garden variety bong. Think of the gas mask as a weed accessory.

What are you using it for?

When asking the question, "Is the gas mask bong worth using?" you should also ask yourself what you are planning on using it for. We know—to get high. But what's the scenario? Are you hanging out by yourself? Are you chilling with your best friend? Or are you having a group of people over? These questions are important in helping you figure out if you should break out the gas mask or not.

Not blacklisted.

Despite its cons and inconveniences, we're not telling you that the gas mask bong should be totally blacklisted. Rather, we're telling you that it has its uses—just not that many. It can be fun to use every once in a while and is a great item to have on your shelf. For the most p[art though, I'd reccomend sticking to regular bongs for when you're home, and vapes for when you're in public. Just know how to use it!

product review

Glen Ryan

Someone who struggled with depression and addiction as a youth, Glen Ryan is now a life coach who spends his time helping and healing others.

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