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How Mary Jane Changed My Relationship With Music

Music chat

By Evan O’DonnellPublished 4 years ago 2 min read
Evan hitting a clear and green bong in front of a galaxy background.

I love music and today I want to talk about why, and how cannabis has changed my relationship with music. I have always really loved music, all different types of music. At s young age I mostly listened to what my dad listened to, but out of what he listened to I knew what I liked versus what I didn't like. I was very sure of it.

It wasn't till about middle school, (maybe fifth grade) when I started expanding my music taste. I finally got an iPod and that allowed me to expand my music taste so much. Now back then I was into stupid Minecraft parody’s and dubstep and EDM. I still do like dubstep and EDM but I was very sure that dubstep, EDM, and Minecraft parodies we’re the only music I liked.

I got to middle school I got really sad and so naturally I got into emo music. I really liked Fall Out Boy, they were my favorite out of all the emo bands. They still are my favorite out of all the emo bands. I just abandoned EDM and dubstep, I was sure that I loved emo music and only emo music. I WAS EMO. (Not a phase mom).

Later middle school came and for some reason my taste drastically transitioned into One Direction and Ed Sheeran both of whom have gone on to be some of my favorite artists. I was live or die One Direction. I loved them.I listened to them pretty much (but not entirely) exclusively.

In high school I went through several phases some of which included reverting back into emo several times, a pretty serious K-pop phase, for a while a pretty serious obsession with music that wasn't English because I just wanted to hear what other languages sounded like. I kept the consistency through each phase of being very ride or die. I was always so sure that I was in love with that music and only that music.

Towards the end of high school I started smoking weed and it really changed the way I listen to music. Suddenly I wanted to hear everything. I tore though music, mostly alternative album after alternative album. Anything that was Indie or grungy or punky I listened to . Skatepunk and of course emo music. I was very heavily into the alt scene but, I was finally listening to all kinds of alternative music instead of limiting myself to just one.

I would get high and put my headphones on I'm just absolutely lose myself, in a way I hadn’t in a very long time. Smoking helped me release the idea that a certain type of music is the only good music it, helped open me to the idea that you can like several different types of genres. Because now I've expanded to many kinds of genres in terms of types of music I like, and I will admit that I still do tend to stay mostly either alternative, rock, or pop. Still my playlist is now so full of diverse genres.

I assure you this is the first of many chats that we will have about music. I could go on forever but I don't want our first music chat to be too overwhelming. Next time I'd really like to either talk about how disability has affected my relationship with music, or just all the types of music that I like. I believe that there is some type of music out there for everyone.


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