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How Can Cannabis Improve Your Fitness Life

by Victoria Lim 3 years ago in health
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“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” ― Bob Marley

Marijuana seems to be on everyone’s lips these days (figuratively and literally). While the focus of conversation constantly shifts, today people mostly focus on its medicinal properties, and how it can be used in the treatment of everything from cancer to anxiety. However, there’s one subject that remains largely undiscussed—can cannabis improve your fitness life? The reason behind it is that when you imagine your typical stoner, you think of someone who’s lazy and spends their entire day watching Netflix and eating cookies. That image is so outdated and prejudiced, though! Here’s a little text that might make you consider using cannabis to improve your fitness.

First, you need the right strain

Just like you can’t come to the pharmacy with a headache and say “Give me the first thing you see,” you can’t expect to get the right results with just any strand of marijuana. Before you hit the dispensary, think of your fitness needs. Do you need some extra motivation to get up and hit the gym? Or do you want something that will relax you after a hard workout, and allow your muscles to catch a break? If you need something to perk you up, opt for a sativa strand with stimulating effects. On the other hand, if you’re seeking relaxation, indica is the right choice for you. Don’t want to get “high,” but want to reap benefits? Try CBD. Experiment and see what fits you best.

It can help with soreness

When you find your strand, you can start thinking about benefits. No matter if you prefer THC or CBD, you can expect to notice various pain-relieving benefits, which can be amazing after a particularly hard workout. Natural inflammation that happens in your muscles after strenuous activity are not only painful themselves, but can also prevent you from sleeping and getting the much-needed rest that you require in order to recover and achieve the best results at the gym. Luckily, substances like CBD and THC can help relax your muscles, curb that stiffness and soreness, and allow you to catch plenty of Zs. Plus, they come in many different states from topical creams and sprays to capsules, sweets and oils.

It might improve your focus

People who are super serious about their fitness know just how important it is to be mindful and focused while working out. For instance, CBD can provide you with a strong feeling of focus, which is something you need when you’re exercising, especially if you’re performing certain isolated exercises. Also, if you check out Garage Gym Builder blog, you can find various new gym equipment that focuses on balance like balance balls and balance boards. These are great for your core, as well as your balance and awareness, but you can’t use them properly if you lack focus! Proper performance of these moves requires concentration, so you can benefit from a little help from cannabis.

It can help with bulking

If you need to put on some muscle, but just don’t seem to have a good appetite that will allow you to bulk up, you might want to consider some THC products. So, those munchies you get from marijuana can do you some good after all! THC can stimulate appetite, so you can get enough calories to keep your weight progression going. When you stop your bulking phase, you can switch to CBD that doesn’t have appetite-stimulating properties.

It can help with relaxation

While some people perfect CBD products when working out, others find a little bit of THC to be very helpful in their workouts. It all depends on the person, but also on the type of workouts. Many yogis report that THC helps them deepen their poses, relax their body and mind, and find focus. On the other hand, people who enjoy Crossfit or Soulcycle prefer CBD that will keep them safe from that well-known cannabis high, and allow them to be alert.

It can help with injury recovery

Every fitness expert recommends you pay great attention to recovery, because injuries happen every day. If you’re neglecting proper recovery, you need to stop now! Luckily, recovery can be very pleasant. Some THC extracts can be very effective in treating pain, just as much as prescription medication, yet they are much less addictive.

Now that you know that cannabis is not only reserved for people looking to get stoned, and that it can have amazing effects on your fitness and general wellbeing, you can consider looking into it more deeply, and finding a strand that fits your needs. But, if you’re considering going pro, keep in mind that marijuana in its natural and synthetic states is a banned substance for competing athletes, yet CBD is completely legal.


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Victoria is a lifestyle writer with expertise in scribbling a lot of unnecessary words, walking a dog for miles and miles, getting bites from her pet squirrel and choosing tea for her next cup.

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