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Great Date Ideas for Stoners 

If you enjoy some tasty bud then let these great date ideas enhance your relationship.

By Wendy WeedlerPublished 7 years ago 6 min read
Photo by Dennis Flinsenberg

Great date ideas for stoners don’t necessarily have to be between two love birds. Your date can be with any fellow pot head that you are close to. Admittedly every once in a while, you will end up clicking with another stoner and fun times are sure to be had, but this list is for all of you out there, if you enjoy some tasty bud then let these great date ideas for stoners dance on your hazy palate. Friends, couples, and families can all enjoy these adventures along with some good weed. Sit back (we presume you already are) and enjoy.

Smoking weed is, and always has been, a sociable thing and a great way to meet new, like-minded people. Weed may be a great way to relax at home but that can get boring and I certainly think you should get out there and make the most of being stoned and your heightened senses. If you smoke too much, however, your memory may suck! So it may be an idea to print our list of great date ideas for stoners for future reference.

The All You Can Eat Buffet  

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo

Smoking pot comes with a strong probability that you will experience the munchies from time to time and eating can also be a great way to bond with somebody. Whether you have just met, are dating, or you want to catch up with your squadron, choosing an all-you-can-eat buffet is a sure-fire way to spend some quality time together. In the US you are never too far away from a buffet, you just need to decide what type of food you want to eat or, better yet, go multi-continental. Keep in mind that this may not be ideal for a first date with a girl who you are still getting to know—not everybody is as forthcoming as your appetite may be!

Exploring Nature

Photo by Ezra Jeffrey

Probably the most accessible option for most stoners on our list, particularly the broke ones. None of us live too far away from a nice park or beach and everywhere you go will have something different to offer. You and your date could take turns at showing each other your favorite "peace spot" where you go to relax and think—or you can try somewhere completely new to both of you. The only thing holding you back on this one is a lack of imagination. Don’t forget to pre-roll, the munchies, and something for dry mouth.

A Gig or Concert

Senses are heightened when you are baked and what better way to explore them than by going to see one of your favorite bands play? Music being the language of the soul, it would give you and your significant other something that can help you gel together. You don’t have to try and replicate Woodstock but it’s pretty easy to find good local gigs in most areas. Who ever said stoners can’t be romantic? Probably people who don’t smoke! Pro tip—find out her favorite band and surprise her with tickets.

Imax or 3D Movies  

Photo by Lloyd Dirks

Call us old fashioned but you can’t beat the cosy feeling of a warm cinema with good company, just a shame you can’t blaze up while you watch! Take your date to go and see a 3D film and enjoy the trippy feeling, plus it will give you something to talk about later on. Just don’t get too comfy and fall asleep, that won’t look good on you. Pro tip—Do not try and suggest the old popcorn hand trick on your first date.

A Sea life center or Zoo

Photo by Talia Cohen

Aquariums can be really cool to visit when you are stoned and also quite trippy if you find one with decent aquatic life. Sea life can also be very cerebral as you watch the jelly fish or glow fish floating by in illuminated tanks. A petting zoo can get you brownie points too—All girls love to cuddle fluffy animals! If you don’t find a petting zoo then you can always go to a normal zoo. Any decent sized city near you should have one or the other but if they have both then that’s two dates picked right from the hat!

Planetarium or Go Star Gazing 

Photo by Ashwin Vaswani

We have all tried to dissect the universe over a joint or two. Being stoned can really open your mind and give depth to meaningful conversations. If you want some more inspiration and great date ideas for stoners then we suggest visiting your local planetarium so you can learn about the constellations and planets together, if all else fails just head out into the open night with clear skies, pitch up your tent, bake up, and enjoy some star gazing. Warning—If you can’t muster up a chat-up line when star gazing, it's time to go back to stoner school!

Comedy Night

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo

Whether it’s an open mic night or your favorite comedian is in town, a sure-fire way to get the giggles going is to go and see a live show with your date. You know everybody going to the event will be there for the same reasons as you, meaning the less sociable stoners can put their mind at ease. Stoners who laugh together, bond together. Uncontrollable laughing can be a great way to break the ice and if you are with a significant other, you can expect some aphrodisiac effects. Also you don’t have to worry about your jokes being a washout if you can pay somebody else to make her laugh!

Arts and Crafts

Photo by Quino Al

Are you a creative stoner? Does your date like to get their hands dirty? You could both go and try a pottery class or anything to do with arts and crafts. You don’t have to recreate the scene from Ghost to be romantic, that’s for sure. Painting live art classes can be very entertaining as long as neither you or your date are prudish. This is the 21st century, let it all hang out. If dance is more of your common ground, you could try taking dance classes together.

Go to a Theme Park

Photo by Priscilla Westra

Not all stoners can handle adrenaline but with nothing ventured there is nothing gained so get your heart and mind racing with excitement and go to your local theme park with your date. Roller coasters, log flumes, candy floss—what’s not to love? Every pot head has an inner child and what better way to tap back into that than going to an amusement park?


Photo by Tim Gouw

Go to your local galleria or mall and you should be able to locate an arcade pretty easily. Our great date ideas for stoners are very extensive and this one is last but not least on our list. Don’t get too stoned so you can still kick ass and have decent reflexes for the games. Decent arcades can offer you a great blend of old school nostalgia, new age adrenaline and plenty of prizes to be won. Remember to be a gentleman and let her win sometimes, or if she is really good at gaming you can save face by pretending you let her win.

There shouldn’t really be any wrong answers for you and your friends/ significant other to go on dates with each other. Marijuana is great for helping us to let go of our inhibitions but still feel in control, just like any fun date should be. The beauty of finding somebody else who enjoys being stoned with you is that you can have fun doing pretty much anything together. Great company can make any situation better! We hope our list of great date ideas for stoners has offered you some valuable inspiration.


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