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Don't Worry, Be Hempy—CBD Oil and Legalisation

A sum of the substance was confiscated at an airport in the UK from a child that suffers from epilepsy...A rant.

By Maura DudasPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

History lesson: recreational hallucinogenic substances have been used for medicinal and other purposes for far longer than we'd think.

The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes goes back 10,000 years. People used it from China to the Arabic regions, and even several European nations have discovered it's beneficial qualities. They used it to treat hemorrhoids or to dress wounds and relieve pain. There are records stating that they have long discovered its hallucinogenic and addictive tendencies but have not exactly thought to regulate the substance or the farming of the plant itself in any way until Canada did so in the late 20th century.

That's right. It only came with the rise of capitalism and fear-mongering that one had to label everything that has potential benefits evil and take the fun out of weed too.

In light of Canada legalising cannabis for recreational use, I'm waiting for them to lead the flock of Western society into embracing prostitution just like the Netherlands did as our benign grass messiah (I still believe that Canada along with the Netherlands still remains one of the genuinely sane countries in the world).

In contrast to this, a week ago maybe, the news stories were all about a mum trying to come back into the UK from their trip in the US only to have the CBD oil taken away from her because it had a stronger dosage of THC—the addictive element of da weeds—than the 0.2 percent that is legally allowed.

Why was she carrying such items with her? Because her child suffers from epilepsy.

Cannabis oil has shown to have a beneficial effect on seizures; therefore it is used widely to treat epileptic patients. Unfortunately, modern medicine could not find a better substance that would work especially on epilepsy since it is one of the most obscure conditions one can suffer from.

Fortunately there was absolute outrage from the general public since the woman wasn't carrying bags of weed and she didn't want to make her with year old smoke pot with her. Nevertheless, the substance was confiscated because the police at the airport, as many bureaucrats in the UK system, have blinkers and have been molded into the image of the Scarecrow from Oz—hay for brains and no common sense.

Why the mother was carrying a substance that was above the legal limit?

The answer is surprisingly simple: resistance. We all agree that when a child can have up to 8-10 clusters a day—essentially seizures of differing severity—a parent does what it can to minimise the child's pain and discomfort and ensure a fulfilled life as much as they can compared to their circumstances. The legal dosage may be sufficient for a while to reduce symptoms and the number of clusters for example of wasting syndrome. However, as some reported a certain dosage of CBD oil is not enough for when the person's physiology has familiarised itself with the substance and weakens its effects.

As much as they try to reduce the percentage of THC in cannabis products, there's a limit to what they can do when a greater dosage is needed.

Those parents who have found this as a working solution, albeit temporarily, will no doubt stick with CBD since it conjured a smile onto their children's faces when nothing else could. And not because they were high as a kite.

I have read several reviews of how chronic pain that patients suffered from for decades disappeared in two months and they could finally breathe easy from two drops of CBD oil every day. Cannabis took on cancer as well, and it seems to be winning the battle against it with its highly inflammatory qualities.

One may ask why then, if it is so amazing, is it banned in so many places?

The simple answer is because they're afraid it will work on most people. This may sound a bit like a tin-foil hat theory, but hear me out. All the money that pharma companies and the government (supposedly) fuels into research into medicine for conditions like epilepsy and cancer would go elsewhere. Obviously pharma companies do not want that, so you probably won't hear any practitioners offering CBD oil as a solution. It also doesn't have a lot of side effects since it is natural, so people won't need to run and treat the side effects with even more pills and tablets. Something potent like this is the apocalypse for those assholes who raised the price of a single tablet to a 100+ dollars when a single leaf used to be worth that amount.

So CBD oil is potentially catastrophic for the people who know how beneficial it is and still oppose it. Governments will obviously back pharma companies since they get a lot more profit from their business than they do at the moment from CBD oil or cannabis itself. It will also not shirt from propagating its addictiveness and condemning it a drug every time they can, even if people would use it for medicinal purposes. Even if we all know that one of the best working societies in Europe legalised not just weed, but a number of recreational drugs too, and with that flipped off the rest of Europe and probably the rest of the world too.

We can see how Holland stands mostly on the top of its game, crime has reduced as well as sex trafficking, and people are quite satisfied with their life as opposed to expecting them to become raging addicts so entranced in their hallucinations that they cannot be a contributing member of their society.

The same way governments demonise smoking instead of obesity or alcohol instead of the daily stress people are put under, they will aim to stay as obsolete as they can for the benefit of...well, the wealthy.

Let's hope that precedence will decide over fear and legislations will be far more lenient on substances like CBD oil that help the lives of so many, instead of being treated like a criminal for possessing it and potentially making others suffer because they have to follow the rules that were set by age-old tories who still think India is their property and use the 'n' word when referring to people of colour and who, frankly, should already be six feet under based on how out of touch they are with the changing world and overall our reality.


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Maura Dudas

Studying Psychology, getting angry about issues on the web, addressing social conundrums concerning humans that surround me. And just pointing out my subjective majestic opinion. :) Film buff, artsy, reader - I do art too @morcika96

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