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Do Detox Drinks Actually Work?

by A M 4 years ago in health / fact or fiction / product review

Everything you need to know about how detox drinks work and when to use them.

If you’ve been considering using detox drinks to help you pass a drug test, we’ve got all the facts that you need to know before chugging down that bottle. Have you ever been in a situation where you really need to pass a urine test but you’ve just smoked a blunt the night before? Whether it’s a job interview or legal reasons, drug tests are serious business. That doesn’t mean that you have to stop smoking weed. We firmly believe that smoking marijuana is everyone’s right whether for recreational or medical use. You shouldn’t have to risk losing your job or face legal actions just because you smoked some weed. With the help of THC detox drinks, you can easily pass a urine drug test and continue smoking without a worry in the world.

How Do Detox Drinks Work?

If detox drinks seem too good to be true, there’s actually some science behind their seemingly magical powers. When you go in for a urine test, your urine is saturated with THC concentration. There are only two ways to pass a urine test if you’ve been smoking—to use fake urine or to dilute your urine. The only problem with these two ways is that they can be both easily detected by the lab. That’s where detox drinks come in.

Detox drinks are full of minerals and vitamins that work to restore your urine’s normal composition. Let’s take vitamin B for example. Vitamin B is what gives your urine its natural yellow color. Detox drinks are full of vitamin B to make your urine appear like you didn’t try to dilute it, even while removing other toxins. The same goes for creatinine monohydrate, which restores the levels of creatinine in your urine.

A lot of people assume that drinking detox drinks has the same effect as trying to dilute your urine by intaking a lot of water. This isn’t true. Detox drinks, unlike diuretics and excess fluids, actually flush out the chemicals from THC out of your system while simultaneously restoring your urine back to its normal color and composition. This means that you won’t have to chug gallons of water and feel the urge to pee every five minutes. With detox drinks, you can let the vitamins and minerals do all the work for you.

The Best Time to Use Detox Drinks

You should consider using detox drinks if you have a drug test coming up within the next week. There are different detox drinks depending on how much time you have before your drug test. The most effective ones recommend you start drinking them anywhere from three to seven days before your test. With this much time to prepare, it gives the detox drinks plenty of opportunity to get all of those bad toxins and chemicals out of your system. When used correctly and within enough time, these drinks can get rid of any traces of toxins in your blood and urine permanently.

If you’ve been surprised with a drug test and only have 24 hours until you need to be clean, there’s also a detox drink solution for you. Certain detox drinks are created to temporarily get rid of THC in your blood and urine. These speedy detox drinks essentially get rid of any THC lingering in your bladder and urinary tract for up to six hours. That’s just enough time to take the test, pee in your cup, and get back to smoking. This method could be trickier than the traditional detox drink time frame, but if you’re in a hurry it will do you good.

You should not be using detox drinks if your drug test involves taking hair or saliva samples. It’s important to keep in mind that detox drinks only work to remove chemicals from the blood and urine. There are certain products available like detox shampoo and detox mouthwash that could help you out if you need to pass more than just a urine test.

Can Detox Drinks Be Detected?

One of the best things about using detox drinks is that no lab can detect them in your blood or urine. Detox drinks leave behind no traces or any signs that you were drinking them. Besides, labs aren’t even looking for detox drink traces in your samples. They are primarily concerned with dilution and fake urine samples. As long as you follow all of the instructions on the detox drink carefully and give it the right amount of time to work, you should pass the test with flying colors.

Do Detox Drinks Only Work With Marijuana?

The truth is that while detox drinks work with a variety of drugs, they are only the most effective with weed. With most other drugs, detox drinks will take longer to clean out the chemicals from your urine. We wouldn’t recommend trying detox drinks if you’re taking other substances. You should always make sure you do research on the interactions of detox drinks and various other drugs before you depend on them to pass a drug test.

Bottom Line

Detox drinks are a great option for those stoners looking for a quick fix when trying to pass a urine drug test. To answer the question—yes, detox drinks actually work! But remember, they only work on urine tests and work the most effectively with weed as opposed to other drugs. You should never depend on them for hair or saliva tests.

So next time you find yourself getting high and you need to take a drug test, go ahead and reach for one of the many detox drinks available. Detox drinks are a great and easy way to get rid of the toxins in your urine. They’re simple to use, effective, and get the job done. All you have to do is follow the instructions, give yourself some time and chug away. Don’t worry, when all of this testing is over you’ll be able to get back to smoking in no time.

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