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DIY Smoking Devices You Can Make with Household Items

by Alfred Taerz 4 years ago in how to

Ah, highdeas: when more than half of those random objects that are cluttering up your home can then become some of the craftiest DIY smoking devices. Genius.

Did you know that smoking weed pretty much requires only three valuable elements? These would be air flow, or oxygen, pyrotechnics, or simply a controlled flame, and earth (or, Mary Jane, that is). While you don't always need it, there is room for the good ole H2O, especially if you're attempting something like a gravity bong or DIY bubbler. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to design them, but understanding how they work before delving into your own highdea labors ensures immediate success and limited injuries. As I'm sure you can see, all of those elements (besides maybe fire) are relatively abundant and acquirable with absolute simplicity. All you need now is a utensil, tool, catalyst, or homing beacon, if you will.

How's the mothership going to pick you up if you don't have the necessary key for entry? Much like how the ingredients of a good potion must all go into a cauldron when complete, these said DIY smoking devices are the operating systems of your desired smoke sesh. And, if you're one of those really lazy pot heads and just don't wanna get up, fortunately you won't have to go very far. You will, however, have to move around a bit, so I guess crack your back, stretch those neck muscles, and take one final hit (or two), then dive right into discovering the niftiest, over the top DIY smoking devices you can make with household items.

Apple Pipe

When in doubt, fruit's the best route. While the awesome edible versions would be both savory and spectacular, crafting DIY smoking devices never were so simple as with the apple pipe. Smoking weed out of an apple? That's preposterous, you may think, and my genuine response: got any better highdeas?

All you have to do when making the apple pipe is poke two separate holes, preferably separated by a wide distance (so, have one set into the side closest to your thumb, the other on the polar opposite side). Place your weed into either indentation. When lighting, do so like your playing the flute, cover up the smaller hole, or carburetor as us weed folk call it, with your thumb. This ensures that air flow, though still traversing through both of the holes, is more powerful in the one that's housing your weed. If you're not getting high, it's most likely your weed, but do make sure that the two holes meet within the interior of the apple.

Water Bottle Bong

More commonly referred to as the "nadoo," or even sometimes coined a waterfall, the water bottle bong is probably among the cheapest and most convenient ways to smoke some quick herb before lounging it out on the couch. The contraption is more often then not used to finish blunt or joint roaches, sort of like a one hitter but with a much larger compartment for smoke. It's not the healthiest of DIY smoking devices, so do be careful when taking big rips, but it'll definitely get you to that desired planetary system, if you know what I mean.

First, you'll need to grab a lighter and, please dear God take this into consideration, a relatively clean and empty plastic bottle. It doesn't really matter what you use, hell I made a nadoo out of a freaking Pine-Sol bottle once, just as long as it's got ample enough room for smoke build up. Burn two holes into the surface, one on the bottom near the under-lip, and the second at the top, just above where the product name would be. Similar to the apple pipe, just light up your weed with your finger over the carb like you would any old bowl. Just be careful not to accidentally smoke up an old cigarette butt, and always toss the weed before it burns into the plastic. You definitely do not want to be inhaling that shit, my friend.

Soda Can Pipe

This one's not hard to craft either, just follow these easy steps on how to make a homemade bong. Much the same as the apple pipe and water bottle bong, you'll want to cut a small hole into both sides of the can and place a straw through the original top portion. This is where your weed will go.

As if you're shotgunning a beer, or in this case a large dose of marijuana, take hits from the larger poked hole and use the smaller one on the other side as a carb, lighting greens from the tip of straw. It's like the reverse of actually drinking a soda, and at first may feel awkward, but you'll get the hang of it! No one said DIY smoking devices would make sense, and trust me some of them just don't. I mean, smoking weed out of an apple? I honestly want to know who came up with that.

Maybe you just don't know how to roll a joint like a boss, or are sadly all out of J papers, so you think you'll shine a light on some DIY smoking devices instead. Fortunately for you, that smoking device is already in your hand: a flashlight can be reversed engineered to make a quality steamroller that basically works like a more compact, waterless bong.

To design this sweet addition to the DIY smoking devices, cut a hole in the bottom of your emptied flashlight, ensuring that the bulb and batteries are removed beforehand. Next, use either an old bowl, or find a toolbox with a bunch of unused bolts. Whatever the case, you'll need to insert a bowl portion for your weed to sit in, then all you'll need is a lighter. Kick back and enjoy that flashlight steamroller, it's like your telling ghost stories around a campfire, except the campfire isn't burning off timber.

Pen Pipe

As simple as disassembling an unused or overused pen can be your ticket to one of the easiest DIY smoking devices: the pen pipe. Not to be confused with the all-too popular vaporizers and wax pens so frequently being the topic of discussion lately, a pen pipe is just the exterior of a pen that's been reversed engineered to work as a one hitter.

Actually, that's literally what it is at the end of the day. While others may find it stupid or maybe even pointless, utilizing the pen pipe is one of the best ways to ensure anonymity. This is how you smoke weed inside your home without getting caught, because all you do is throw away the used pen exterior when you're done and so little weed has been burnt that the smell will practically be gone before you're even done smoking.

Gravity Bong

Probably the best in performance and overall quality, giving you expert highs that often rival even some of the best rolled joints, the gravity bong is among DIY smoking devices that are sure to get you so high you may even lose your balance. Someone cue that Creed song.

Like the name suggests, a gravity bong utilizes gravity to optimize your smoking experience. You don't have to use a 2-liter bottle, but it is the easiest way to make it. Grab a mason jar (because I'm sure you got a bunch of those laying around somewhere) and fill it with just enough water so that it's about a quarter of the way full. Next, use a clean and empty water bottle, remove the bottom of the bottle and poke a hole into the cap with some aluminum foil, which itself has micro-holes in it for airflow. Pack your weed into the foil, keeping the bottle pressed down into the water, then as you torch your greens, slowly lift the bottle so that gravity literally sucks up all that smoke you're about to inhale. Prepare your lungs, because that rip is gonna be worse than Apollo 13's liftoff.

Starburst Pipe

This is not only a fun crafting experience, despite being just a tad bit sticky icky, but it's also one of the tastiest of DIY smoking devices. That's the best thing about the Starburst pipe, you can eat the damn thing once you're finished smoking! No other bowl ever tasted so good.

Once you have an optimal amount of Starburst candies, anywhere from five to seven, simply stack and mold them together into one of the coolest marijuana pipes. Smoke weed, then eat some Starbursts. What more could you ask for when attempting the MacGyver equivalent of a bowl piece?

Glass Jar Vaporizer

This one takes just a little bit more crafting and some extra household items more so than other DIY smoking devices, but that's okay. If you start getting a little too intimidated by this project, you can always pick up a classic vape pen from CBDFX. But if you've got the passion, the finished product, the infamous glass jar vaporizer, is unlike anything you have ever smoked (and, likewise, crafted with your own bare hands).

You'll need a wire clothes hanger, which you should take apart, a glass jar with a tin lid, a set of screws, two nuts (or a bowl-like surface), a flathead screwdriver, 20 inches of tubing, a shot glass, and a small candle. With the tin lid slice two holes into the top, one for the shot glass and another for the screw. Encircle your wire hangar around the lid two times, this will serve as your stand, leaving one end protruding from the circle and the other outward, away from the lid. Finish off this gaudy monstrosity by connecting the tubing to the screw on top of the lid. Fill the shot glass with weed, replace the lid and vape that ish up using your trusty candle. Now you know how to make your very own home-made vaporizer.

TeePee Steamroller

Don't know what to do with your toilet paper roll after all the teepee's been used up? Well, now you know it's among DIY smoking devices and can be made without a single hassle, all you need is some aluminum foil.

It's just like the other DIY crafted weed pipes, you'll need to poke a small hole into one side for your weed bowl, which can be designed using some punctured aluminum foil. Set the carburetor in on the opposite side, so you're not having to constantly look for it, and like that you've made your own steamroller out of mundane household items. You crafty devil, you!

Novel Joint

This is one of my favorite, despite the fact that it's probably the most unhealthy of all DIY smoking devices and can be easily rectified by simply going out and buying joints, which are like $5 at most. Anyway, the novel joint can be crafted by way of using book paper, preferably something that's lightweight and not too thick, like eucalyptus over construction paper.

Simply tear out a page (one that hopefully has no ink on it) and roll your greens up like you would any regular joint. To strengthen that pesky non-stick paper, use something like honey or syrup as adhesive. I'll warn you now, though, it's not going to be the best tasting, but I guarantee it'll get you high.

Double Apple Dabber

Sounding like something out of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, the double apple dabber is one of the most unique DIY smoking devices, because not only are you using dabs instead of weed (which constitutes a more potent high), but you're also guaranteed a perfect hit every time.

To make this beauty of an art piece, start simple: get two apples. Cut out a small piece at the top of one apple with a knife, attempting to dig down about halfway and trying not to core into the entire fruit. Do this again on the other one so that the two excavations meet in the center. Literally top this off with your dab rig banger, and you're good to go. Heat it up, add some wax, and you've got a purely ripe DIY smoking device unlike any other. Enjoy safely, and stay up in the clouds, my friends!

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Alfred Taerz
Alfred Taerz
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