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by Sherah Mahaffey about a month ago in humanity
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Take a stroll through my mind

Writing to myself again

Nice to talk alone my friend

Silence is my sanctity

Stillness is my sanity

I stare in awe at the chaos beside me

Yet to look ahead it makes me angry

I look around and everyone’s fooled

They see a screen and it effects their mood

Can we no longer have a discussion?

Can we no longer have a lick of privacy?

Must everything involve the ones around you?

Must everything have a motive to drown you?

Take me back to that quiet place

Where people sat and ate with involvement

Take me back to that groovy scene

Where we all dressed alike yet completely different

Remember when we all were ugly

Nowadays we nip and tuck to hide individuality

Remember when we laughed and prayed

Nowadays it’s drugs and useless tik tok fame

I want to be different I want to be unique

No problem tell me what your heart desires I’ll fix it up for the right price

NO! leave me alone and let me think

How about a computer, phone, any device that will distracts our brain from what really matters

Please I want to be alone with my thoughts

Remember to set your alarms

answer your emails

someone just called you and you left them on read

Instagram is poppin, did you see that Twitter thread?

Snapchat is fun and porn messes with your head,

okay one more game before we call it a night Netflix is asking are you still watching?

Pop ups left and right screaming for your attention

Someone just liked your post, just a quick look no such thing as peeking

Another comment must we respond without blinking?

Another sleepless night wondering what everyone else is thinking

Wake up and drink coffee without sleeping

Distractions… I need some space to clear my head

Before this me I am becomes dead

I need to remember what makes me who I am

What are my hobbies and the things I once did

I want to sit and chat with friends authentically

to dance in the rain without a care in the world

I want to scream to the top of my lungs until they burst

I want to laugh so hard my heart gives out

To sleep at night without my phone ringing aloud

I want to kiss my man without a shred of doubt

Quiet the loud and hear the silence

Distractions we must subtract to get back to when we weren’t lacking

Faith in one another can become restored

People were self reliant before Siri took over the world

Technology is used for many things

There are always two sides to a coin

You flip it the wrong way the whole world will go astray

I’m scared for the future

people text till their thumbs bleed, and feen for a charger god forbid their phone dies

Yet they can’t hold a conversation in person, let alone make eye contact

We live through our screens almost forgetting reality

Make this a lesson to you, walk to your neighbor, check in on your friends

Remind yourself to go outdoors again

Movies are fun to watch but so is nature

Go on a walk, get some fresh air

Gaze at the stars and find the constellations

Listen to the crickets hum and hear the birds chirp

Feel the wind in your hair, and lay out in the sun

Remember where we all come from?

Dig deep inside and get past the reactions

Calm your mind and realize life is but a glimpse in time

Make it worth the while and be separate from all its distractions

Find your peace of mind and don’t drown in the satellites

You owe it to yourself, to put your phone down.

Look at yourself in the mirror and remember to love yourself

It’s a cruel world already we don’t need more things that make it rough

Close your eyes and think about all the little things

Let your inner child run free

Let loose on all your creativity

I want to see you paint and draw

I would love to hear your rhymes and read your books

Show me all the things you’ve built

It’s beautiful to see humanity without technology.


About the author

Sherah Mahaffey

I have always been a closet poet.

I love writing poetry, however I have never opened up to the world with my words until now.

Please feel free to read and enjoy, also tips are very much appreciated.💕

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  • David Heitzabout a month ago

    Extremely well done. Wow. Loved that.

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