Did You Know This About BHO?

How much do you really know about BHO?

Did You Know This About BHO?

BHO (butane-hash oil) is a type of cannabis concentrate that is created through the extraction of terpenes and THC from cannabis trim or flowers. Just as the name implies, butane is used, together with heat and pressure.

Many things can be said about BHO and it is a shame to see that it gets a lot of negative publicity. The truth is that BHO can be completely safe when properly extracted through a closed loop extraction system. It also has some clear advantages over other cannabis concentrates such as hash. Let’s learn some important things about the concentrate.

There are different types of BHO.

Various types of BHO are available on the market. Every single one is unique in terms of the extraction process, purging, consistency and contents. Based on whipping, humidity and heat, seven consistency forms are possible:

  1. Shatter
  2. Oil
  3. Sap
  4. Pull and Snap
  5. Budder
  6. Crumble
  7. Wax

The most solid BHO form is shatter. It usually includes 80 percent THC. In order to smoke it, you need to use a dabbing rig. Shatter is always solid. It is hard to smoke shatter due to consistency. Pull and snap can easily be handled and is perfect for dabbing due to it easily molding in your hands. The same thing cannot be said about crumble. Just as the name implies, the BHO easily crumbles when manipulating with just your hands.

The purest BHO form is budder, with around 90 percent THC and a purity level of up to 99 percent. You can quickly identify budder as it looks similar to regular dairy butter. However, budder is expensive and hard to find. A more affordable option is wax, which is a clear favorite among the dabbers. It does not crumble and you can easily manipulate it.

Sap is runny and sticky. When dropped, sap easily sticks to the surface it touches. When in oil form, BHO is usually packed in cartridges.

The BHO Extraction Method Counts

BHO extraction is quite risky. Those that want to use butane for extraction need a background in alchemy or chemistry. The process is dangerous since butane is flammable. Without going too much into details, the preferred extraction method is closed loop extraction. This is because flammable gas can’t leak out and solvents are highly controlled. On the other hand, a method like open blasting, which is what people usually try at home, is very dangerous.

Extra Things You Should Know About BHO

BHO products have varying THC content, usually between 50 percent and 90 percent. Always be aware of THC content when buying BHO since this dictates how much to take and the intended results.

As already mentioned, some BHO types can easily be vaped but others can’t be vaped.

Dabbing is preferred for BHO consumption since butane should not be orally consumed.

BHO does not need to be tightly packed. In fact, tight packing ruins the experience.

BHO does not cause cancer, as some studies suggest. All dangers of being faced with carcinogens are removed when you dab with a low temperature. Electronic dabbing devices are thus preferred.

Most problems associated with BHO consumption appear because of improper extraction. This is why you need to buy only from trusted vendors.

Be careful with how you store cannabis extracts since this has an impact on quality.

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