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Cry out for integrity

Integrity is a trickle of a bay river

By Hendon BUriartePublished 2 months ago 2 min read

Good faith is a trickle of a bay river, moist a side of all living beings, so that the land opened warm beautiful beautiful flowers of kindness.

A thousand years ago, the ancients had a saying that "a word spoken is beyond recall". It can be seen that honesty is the soul of the Chinese nation that has been engraved for a long time, the standard of noble morality since generations, and the indispensable chip of the beautiful soul. "Shuo Wen Jie Zi" says: "Sincerity, faith, from words into sound." "Word" and "Cheng" form the word honesty, words and deeds are consistent, promised things to try to accomplish. There is honesty, there is faith, at the same time, believe in others, not false fraud, practical life. This is the embodiment of integrity.

At the end of the Zhou Dynasty, King You pampered Baosi and mocked the lords by lighting the beacon tower to make her smile, thus losing the hearts of the people and ultimately overthrowing the whole kingdom. And shortly after the Spring and Autumn period, it was in the original King You lit the beacon fire on this land, Shang Yang's reform, under the watchful eyes of the public, for the letter. Indirectly, it promoted the smooth implementation of the reform, and finally made the western state of Qin become a strong state from a weak state, which laid a solid foundation for the later Qin Shihuang to sweep away the six states and unify the world.

The example of the ancients vividly tells us: people are not honest will be spurned by people, and will even affect the overall situation and lead to bad results. People's integrity will be respected by people, but also will lead things to a good direction. Integrity is the basic quality of life, is based on the foundation of society, integrity, can make an individual's life more brilliant, but also make the whole society more harmonious and beautiful.

Modern society is rapidly changing, complicated, people often forget the importance of integrity, in pursuit of money, power, even at the risk of selling integrity, to exchange for a moment of glory, once heavy trust and respect era gone, replaced by merchants unscrupulous, corrupt officials conceal, scholars fraud. We live in an age of unprecedented material abundance and insecurity: watered-down pork, salted duck eggs with Sudanese red... The list goes on and on.

However, a society lacking integrity is terrible. There is no truth between people, full of diaphragm, people who deceive each other, deep and illusory welcome, with a mask of hypocrisy to ingratiate themselves with others. Between the city only the smell of money and lies of perfunctory, no longer have the truth. How horrible is this society?

So, as the youngest generation in the current era, as just budding saplings, what do we need? We do not need to be like those people abandon their conscience, a swallow the virtue, we need to hold high the sail of their own integrity, ride the wind and waves, in the baptism of life to stick to the self, let the seed of integrity deeply rooted in our hearts, let the flowers of integrity everywhere open in the society, let the fruit of integrity fragrance the whole world.


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