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Common and Uncommon Names for Weed

by Kennedy Jones 2 years ago in health
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loads of nicknames for the flowered plant that numerous have come to know and love

If you have listened of anyone talking about weed or been around any person smoking the earthy substance, you’ve possibly heard of loads of nicknames for the flowered plant that numerous have come to know and love. Weed comes in all types of shapes, colors, sizes, and from all corners of the earth. The herb that has played such a enormous role in numerous people’s lives has so numerous names – marijuana, cannabis, weed, ganja, pot – but where did these usual and uncommon names for weed originate?

The truth is that most of these names, both usual and uncommon, are actually modern names for the plant, despite the fact some do have its roots deep during history.


Cannabis is most probable the first name that was christened to this plant. It is believed that the expression was first coined in elderly Greece around 440 BC as the word kannabis. despite the fact the Greek word references recreational cannabis use, the word Cannabis is now used widely today in the English language as a scientific expression.


During the 19th century, the most generally used word in America for the plant was Cannabis. numerous US Scientific Journals all through this time allude to the medicinal plant as cannabis and praised its use for usual household ailments.

The word Cannabis could also derived from Mexican Spanish, in reference to a mixture of herbs and spices used in Mexico for other circumstances. all through the Mexican revolution, people came from all through to the U.S., bringing the generalized herb with them. One of the results of, was the coming out of the US prohibition. era Angered, numerous people began to call the plant marijuana, and it caught on in Western political and resistance culture.


One of the most usual street names for weed is pot. If you’re wondering how this usual “kitchen instrument” worked it’s way into marijuana slang through other names for weed, you could be surprised to unconver that this has nothing to do with culinary tools. This is actually a shortening of the Spanish word potiguaya or potaguaya – a brandy or wine in which buds of marijuana have been steeped. The literal translation of this is “drink of grief”.


Contrary to generalized belief one of the most usual nicknames for weed, Ganja, doesn't come from Rastafarian culture! The word originated from the Sanskrit Indians, in reference to the cannabis sativa strain. numerous people believe that the plant was given its name for the Indians’ love for the Ganges and the mesmerizing herb growth on its riverbanks. though, the original Sanskrit expression refers to a more strong preparation than the herbal mix we know today.


The latest and most usual word for the plant today is “weed”. due to the plant’s roots and accessibility easily in so numerous wide areas of the world, the word is the most generalized new-age expression used today. The generation of “pot” smokers is steadily dissipating, leaving room for the usual “weed” smokers. This has turned increasingly generalized since the 80s and 90s than other names of weed.

Common Street Names For Weed

* Weed

* Pot

* Grass

* Dope

* Reefer

* Ganja

* Hash

* Herb

* Chronic

Funny and Uncommon Names For Weed

* Mary Jane

* Wacky tobacky

* Broccoli

* Left-Handed Cigarettes

* Doja

* Loud

* 420

* Baggy

* Dogga

* Skunk

* Stank

* Icky

Whether you love it or hate it, weed has had its use, by ways of hemp, leisure and medicine during our history and even our culture today. It’s only fitting, that a plant whose roots have stretched across the globe for the entirety of our existence, has a multitude of terms derived from the loads of cultures that it has touched. As weed becomes increasingly generalized today, numerous people are finding unique alternatives to express their recognition and love for the quiet plant.


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Kennedy Jones

the creator, Owner, researcher & Publisher of Southern Red Press, a Lifestyles research & publishing firm ,based in Oklahoma, I’m an 8 time Stroke survivor, now with limited use of my left arm & leg, - https://www.kennedyjones.works

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