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CBD – What is it and How Does it Work in Various Medical Conditions

by Shiraz Kahn 2 years ago in health
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Benefits of CBD

Cannabidiol has taken the world by storm since its discovery a few years ago. Many people use it as an add-on to their prescribed medicines for their specific medical conditions, while others make it a booster to their post-workout smoothie. But, what CBD or Cannabidiol is, and why has it rapidly become so popular?

Difference between Cannabidiol and Marijuana

CBD is cannabidiol, which is the second most prevailing of the active ingredients of marijuana. Although CBD serves as the primary piece of medical marijuana, it is a direct extraction of the hemp plant, the cousin of the marijuana plant. Despite being one of the hundred components, cannabidiol does not cause you to feel high. Many studies reveal that CBD demonstrates no effects on humans in any form. No shreds of evidence show that using pure CBD has any side effects on humans.

Is Using Cannabidiol Legal?

CBD is readily accessible in almost all states of the USA despite having a mixed legal status. Interestingly, different states of the USA have different laws about CBD use and varying levels of restrictions. The federal government, on the other hand, is hesitant to consider cannabidiol as same as marijuana, and therefore, it does not enforce against its consumption.

Almost five years ago, the FDA decided to ease the regulatory requirements for allowing the research writers to perform CBD trials. At present, many people buy CBD through various sites across the World Wide Web without even considering a medical cannabis license. The government, however, seems to be confused on the matter of CBD, especially when it comes to differentiating between marijuana-derived cannabidiol and hemp-derived CBD.

The legality of cannabidiol is more likely to change since Congress is in efforts to make consensus to make the hemp-derived CBD legal so that it becomes useful for all the purposes and intentions.

Benefits of Cannabidiol

CBD seems to have the potential to provide help with several health problems, including anxiety and insomnia. The strongest clinical evidence of CBD evidence so far is how it treats childhood epilepsy syndromes. These include Lennox-Gastaul Syndrome or LGS, which does not respond to anti-seizure medicines.

Many studies suggest that CBD can decrease the number of seizures. Some cases also establish that cannabidiol could stop this number altogether. The FDA also approved the use of an Epidiolex- a cannabis-derived drug for the said conditions. Other frequent purposes of CBD include treating anxiety and insomnia. Several studies suggest that cannabidiol is handy in staying asleep and falling asleep.

Some people also opt for CBD products to get help with various types of chronic pain. According to the European Journal of Pain, using topical cannabidiol on the skin can come in handy in alleviating pain and inflammation caused by arthritis and joint pain.

Another research reveals the way CBD slows down neuropathic pain and inflammation, which are among the most complex types of medical conditions to treat. However, CBD benefits need more investigation to establish its effectiveness in pain control.

CBD and Anxiety

According to a study, CBD seemed to help reduce nervousness and cognitive impairment in those who suffer from social anxiety while performing a simulated speaking task in public. Another study, on the other hand, showed that CBD provided no to little change in the emotional reaction of those who consumed it to demonstrate their feelings towards unpleasant words and images.

Likewise, some research writers report that most soldiers feel haunted when they return home after war and PTSD. They then try to avoid specific places, activities, or people related to their traumatic occasions can benefit from CBD to help with these symptoms. In other words, cannabidiol has a lot to do with psychotherapy. Since most clinical trials involved animals, further research is necessary to find out whether or not CBD is compelling as a viable treatment of anxiety and PTSD in humans too.

CBD and Insomnia

While CBD has proven to work for certain pain and inflammatory conditions, many people are using it to deal with their sleep problems. They report that they find cannabidiol a promising remedy to cure insomnia without giving any significant or harmful downsides.

Cannabidiol is Safe

Using cannabidiol or CBD is usually safe for most medical conditions, though it has some side effects. These include nausea, irritability, and fatigue. CBD has the potential to boost your blood thinning levels, and therefore it raises levels of some other drugs in your bloodstream by the same mechanism that grapefruit uses.

Using CBD might have a significant safety concern that it has a strong marketing effort. Many manufacturers promote cannabidiol as a supplement instead of medicines to increase their sales. Presently, the FDA placed no regulations as to the safety and transparency of dietary supplements. It means you cannot be sure whether or not the purchased product carries active ingredients listed on its label. Moreover, the CBD product may have other unknown components.

Remember, cannabidiol has no specific dose for a particular medical condition. Considering this, the best way to use CBD is to consult your doctor and get the idea if you can use CBD with your prescribed medication, and if so, what dose will suit you best.


Many manufacturers make wild and indefensible claims for CBD uses. Some say that it can cure cancer or some untreatable medical condition, which it cannot. It means CBD is not a cure for every health condition or disorder. People interested in using cannabidiol should do their homework to make safe use of this hemp extraction so that they can make the most out of its benefits.

According to Ryan Dean Hoggan, CBD needs more research, though it is an ideal option to help with insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain. Since cannabidiol has no established dose because of inadequate clinical trials and studies, nobody can specify the effective dosage of the CBD. So far, it is available as an unregulated supplement, though it is easily accessible across various online sites. If you want to try CBD, make sure to consult with your physician.


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