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Part of My Spiritual Journey

By Holly Smith, PastoressPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Cannabis, more specifically marijuana, is said to enhance, or even induce, spiritually enlightening experiences. Personally, I would have to agree. All my life I have felt like the “lonely stoner” when it comes to attending a church service somewhere. I have run into many over the years who sincerely believe cannabis is a drug, should remain illegal, and that God would not want us to partake of it in any way shape or form.

There are many reasons I feel that marijuana should be as socially acceptable as wine (and other things) when it comes to spirituality. The main reason is that cannabis (both marijuana and hemp) contain compounds known as cannabinoids. These compounds are found naturally in the human body and are part of the endocannabinoid system. There is only one question that comes to mind when contemplating cannabis being illegal and against God; How can a plant that has compounds found in the human body go against God? I refuse to believe that the God who created me added an ingredient that is bad. This has affected my overall feelings towards, and relationship with, organized religion AKA The Church.

The thought has occurred to me to start my own church and join the fight for cannabis to be included in religious freedoms. With more and more states legalizing cannabis, more specifically marijuana, for medical and adult-use/recreational purposes, it just makes sense that the cannabis or 420 friendly churches speak out for religious freedoms. My intentions are not even to encourage use during church service, as children could, and more than likely would, be present because I feel that they should not be forced into partaking of the herb (everyone’s spiritual journey is different). I just want to be able to openly talk about its use in our spiritual journeys and to not feel guilty or judged for “looking stoned” in church.

Honestly, my most enlightening and effective prayer time has been after the consumption of cannabis. I feel that it opens my brain to a higher understanding. When I reach the point of relaxation, and I can focus and concentrate, that is when I prefer to do bible study, if even on my own. I seem to have a greater understanding for what I am reading and studying at that time. It is my belief that God gave us cannabis and similar plants for a reason and we should utilize them.

Not only can consuming cannabis help the spiritual journey (it has mine anyways), I also believe that cannabis is meant to be a part of our daily lives, and until it can be humans will never be fully complete. I base my belief on many things, including studies that have found links to certain afflictions, ailments, etc. to a deficiency of cannabinoids. Think about it for a moment; when both hemp and marijuana grew more predominantly in the wild, cattle, for example, would consume the plant and humans would consume the cattle; this shows that direct consumption is not even necessary. We can boost our bodies cannabinoids simply by eating animals that eat cannabis. How cool is that?

To speak publicly about the way I personally use cannabis is sort of risky, as I live in a state where it is not yet legal. I do, however, use social media to speak out in favor of its legalization. Being a co-founder of a not for profit volunteer organization, WV Women for Cannabis, I advocate for full legalization on behalf of people everywhere while also raising awareness of other issues across the state of West Virginia, ranging from cleaning up our drinking water to raising money to help families in need. That is another story for another time though.

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