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Cannabis Legalization

The Argument

By Katherine ShearPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Many people around the world have been saved, cured, and relieved of pain from just one plant that grows like weeds: marijuana. Plenty Americans believe it would be beneficial for the cannabis plant to be legal. There are many reasons why cannabis products should be legal including the medical benefits, the positive effects on nature, and the great effects it can have on the United States economy.

First, cannabis products need to be legal because of the medical benefits. It has been proven that marijuana can help relieve chronic pain an individual may have, caused by cancer, spinal cord injuries, and even diagnoses as simple as nausea or post traumatic stress disorder. Marijuana has helped adults and even children with seizures and Parkinson's Disease. Why else would so many states legalize this miracle plant? It helps calm the nerves and just simply relieves the individual's pain.

If the government were to give marijuana a federally legal chance, scientists would be more inclined to do studies on it and we, as a country, could find even more medical benefits of marijuana. These scientists or doctors may even be able to find cures to diseases there are no known cures to at this present time. This legalization could save so many lives and it is sad to think that some people will never have access to the safe plant because of the fear of going to jail, being fined, or even sent to prison.

Several Americans believe marijuana should not be legal for the medical benefits and purposes. These people are mainly worried about not making enough money for the prescription pills that the hurting individuals are practically forced to ingest with their awful side effects. Some of these Americans are just not educated enough to know what medical benefits come from making this natural plant legal.

Secondly, marijuana plants would have an excellent effect on our ecosystem. Because marijuana grows like weeds, it would make more sense to use this instead of tearing down our trees and reducing our oxygen. It is much easier to grow a ton of weeds than a ton of trees that are not only beautiful, but beneficial to our health. Cannabis plants can be used for a variety of things such as paper, rope, and someone has even built a car out of hemp materials.

Many Americans would disagree with legalizing marijuana because of the effect on our ecosystem. Their reasoning comes from men and women who work hard chopping lumber to be used for paper. If Americans have access to a plant that grows like weeds and can be used for the same reasons lumber is used for, they will soon be out of jobs. Wouldn’t you think the people of this country would be more worried about saving the Earth for our future generations of children than finding a new job?

Finally, cannabis plants would be great and beneficial to the United States economy. If marijuana were to be legalized, the United States government could tax a lot on it. This could help our country get out of debt. As of the year 2017, the United States of America is $19.9 trillion in debt and this debt is rapidly increasing. The government could not only use this extra tax revenue to pay back other countries, but they could also use the tax revenue from selling marijuana to help the needy and hungry without the government fussing about it. Almost our entire country could live comfortably with this tax hike on marijuana.

The people that disagree with legalizing marijuana for our country’s economy probably think that it would not generate enough revenue to make a difference in our debts. In fact, it would make a tremendous change in the amount the government receives in taxes. Another thing that the opposing people may not realize is that alcohol has the same effect. Our great country has made a ton of tax money by selling alcohol, so why not sell a safer mind-altering substance to generate even more money?

So, therefore, since marijuana provides so many medical benefits, helps improve the economy, and helps the ecosystem, marijuana and all cannabis products need to be legal. There are so many women, men, and even children who would obviously benefit from safe, legal marijuana. If this were your mother, sister, friend, or any loved one, wouldn’t you want them to have access to a safe substance that helps relieve their pain?


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