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Cannabis & Hemp Can Save This Planet!

Free cannabis from the prison of ignorance!

By Richard HuffmanPublished 7 years ago 9 min read
Sunrise in Marana, Arizona. The Sonoran desert is the greatest place to live!

Hello there again everyone! Marizonarick is the nickname, and cannabis is my game! I want to continue to educate those who have no idea how cannabis works for millions of people. Sixty-million chronic pain patients worldwide alone. And cannabis and hemp are our future. Or, they must be utilized now, or there's going to be no future for anyone. Twenty-six thousand trees are being cut down daily for toilet paper alone! Yes! Twenty-six thousand trees sacrificed on the altar of BIG MONEY, just so we can wipe our asses! Now, add newspapers, magazines, books, school supplies for your kids, and the innumerable ways we're using up our natural resources, where quickly grown hemp (120 day turnaround) can save those trees. C'mon, all you anti-weed Nazis that think that hemp is pot. You're all wrong!

Dating back to the Neolithic Chinese, hemp was a prevalent crop called 'ditch-weed' that's non-psychoactive and non-addictive Cannabidiol, CBD, which is a potent medicine for a wide range of illnesses. THC content of 1% or lower. And it's only in the leaves. The rest of the plant contains no cannabinoids! And I have said before that a hemp-based industry has a broad range of products that we humans need to start growing for the future of the planet that we've been wasting our natural resources on like coal and oil. Well, industrial hemp has 50 thousand recorded uses in the industry: shampoos, ropes, canvas (named for cannabis!), clothes, feed for your animals that transfers to our bodies from eating from the animals; in their milk, meat, and everything else!

I'm here to educate those who have no idea how cannabis/hemp works for millions of people who are suffering from severe depression, seizures, chronic pain and a myriad of syndromes. And hemp is the future for our children and grandchildren, if we don't start hemp farming again for freedom from OPEC, as hemp can make ethanol and methanol biodiesel that emits 11% oxygen instead of pollutants and smog particulates, we're in trouble. Hemp makes car bodies that are lighter than steel, and is 10-20 times stronger than steel! Oil-based plastics live 450 years! Hemp-based plastics can be made in two different ways...quickly biodegradable and permanent plastics stronger than what oil makes.

And recycling. I've mentioned before that I have witnessed many different trash pickup companies that pick up BOTH garbage and recycle and it all goes to landfills. The recycle bullshit is just that. Bullshit. Every piece of oil-based plastics made still exists somewhere. I recently ran across an article that showed 29 humpback whales that beached themselves and died. Why? Their stomachs were found to contain a blockage of oil-based plastics. Bags, water bottles and more! Hemp plastics wouldn't have killed them. Their systems would've been able to process it through. So our beaches are littered with oil-based plastics and the fact that it's killed a bunch of endangered whales tells me that we've got an imperative to save this planet from the raping by mankind!

And due to the ignorant assholes in the DEA, ditch-weed is classified as cannabis and they're destroying the wild hemp for NO other reason than it looks like cannabis. That's like making powdered sugar illegal because it looks like cocaine! Friggin' insanity! And since the DEA's stupid, it's full of ignorant politicians instead of science and technology people as well as doctors and researchers; they're the ones who need control over the DEA! And this ditch-weed provides for a variety of flora and fauna that utilizes hemp as food and sanctuary. And the idiots spend time and money to eradicate all of the wild hemp in the U.S., destroy these wildlife habitats just to be assholes, and try to vilify their place in the government's food-chain. And they're hurting nature, not us directly.

But as we denude forests, and destroy these wildlife habitats, we're leaving behind us a wasteland for our grandchildren! And we have to buy and import all of the hemp we're using now. Why does the DEA allow that, but still wants to ruin the wildlife just because they hate pot? Yep, backward as hell, huh? In 2015, the US hemp industry was valued at $500 million in sales, but we'd do so much better, and make more money for the government's debt, if only they listened to reason! But, J. Sessions doesn't want to hear the truths. He's as bad as Harry Anslinger in 1937.

Hemp, grown wild or farmed, is a carbon-negative crop! No pesticides, herbicides, defoliants, poisonous fertilizers, and half of the water usage of cotton! And hemp homes are being built and are carbon-negative too! So, why this continued prohibition of the sister plant to cannabis? Ignorance, plain and simple! Eighty percent of North America alone can grow hemp. The American cotton industry is limited to the equator, and just a few degrees north and south. That alone should prove that hemp is more than worth the fight to legalize the farming hemp industry. Oil from hemp seeds is the perfect protein! Hemp hearts are full of nutrients, and not one single cannabinoid. Not one; that's in the leaves and a smaller amount in the stems. Hemp is so diverse!

We need to put the DEA in their place, and ask, "Why are you going after the legal MMJ users and ditch-weed, when it's not a narcotic? Yet you continue to refuse to learn the facts, and science that shows the DEA is harming our future by refusing the farming of hemp." Cannabis alone is non-narcotic! Slight euphoria from Indicas and Indica-dominant hybrids only! Sativas uplift, less psychoactivity and opens the mind to allow us to look beyond limiting patterns of thought and behavior. So, get over the buzz! Don't like weed? DON'T FUCKING SMOKE IT! And leave us alone so that we can self-medicate for our health care overall! Stop interdicting cannabis legalization and get the fuck away from the ditch-weed! You're only hurting nature, and adding to the poisonous landscape that will be the earth in a few centuries.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey got a bill from AZ farmers who wanted to start farming hemp here, and the House and State Senate passed it along, and everyone wanted it, except for him! I think he's bought and paid from the cotton industry! Why else turn down a trillion dollar crop!? Hemp has no, none, nil, nix, nada value as a recreational drug! It'll make you sick if you smoke it and no buzz! People need educating and I'm trying! Help me out by sharing my stories everywhere! Hemp is only allowed to be grown by universities and research institutes and we have to continue to buy foreign grown hemp when we could be keeping all of that money in the US' coffers!

To date, 33 states and Puerto Rico have introduced pro-hemp legislation, and 24 states have defined industrial hemp as distinct from other strains of the Cannabacaea family, and have removed barriers to its production. More than 30 countries grow industrial hemp for importing to America. America is one of the few industrialized nations that currently does not allow hemp cultivation! Millions of dollars paid to other countries for something we should be growing for ourselves!

Arizona lawmakers can override Ducey's ignorant veto, and they must! Arizona is the perfect place to grow hemp, and they can probably get three crops per year! Cotton farming in AZ has been the poisoning of the Earth. And if our state legislatures don't override Ducey's veto, we're still in trouble. Hemp even supplies us with four times the oxygen of trees and cotton! Why is this so fucking hard to understand!?

Hemp...one acre equals two to three acres of cotton in fiber production, and hemp does more than cotton. It's also eight times stronger than cotton, half the water usage, softer and mildew resistant, whereas cotton is limited to the products made. One acre of hemp equals three to four acres of trees in paper production alone! And it breathes four times the oxygen of trees! Hemp paper is superior to tree paper, no bleaching required, meaning less pollution, and hemp paper lasts hundreds of years past the time cotton and tree paper wears out. The original 501's from Levis were hemp-based!

Hemp produces fiberboard that's stronger and lighter than wood. Hemp makes strong, durable and environmentally-friendly plastic substitutes, making thousands of products. Hempseed oil produces NON-TOXIC biodiesel, paints, varnishes, detergents, inks, and lubricating oils!

This one article states, "From 1776 to 1937, hemp was a major American crop, and textiles made from hemp were common. Yet, the American Textile Museum, The Smithsonian Institute, and most American history books contain no mention of the word, hemp! The government's ignorant war on drugs has created an atmosphere of self-censorship where speaking of hemp in a positive manner is considered politically incorrect or taboo." Washington and Jefferson grew hemp, used hemp products and praised the plant in some of their writings. Ben Franklin had hemp farms and a hemp mill for processing paper for his printing press!

"No other natural resource offers the potential of hemp. Cannabis hemp is capable of producing significant quantities of paper, textiles, building materials, goods, medicine, paint, detergent, varnish, oil, inks and fuel." This is the most biodiverse plant that we could ever grow and use!

What can we do? Activate your activism! Become a hemp supporter and let's get together soon and petition the President for hemp farming and cannabis production for the health and safety of our beings and planet. This is it, folks! We're probably decades to a century or two before we can try to colonize another planet, one in the "Goldilocks-zone" where it's close to what our earth is like. And we don't really have the time to waste! Hemp farming and industry is JOBS! REVENUE! More buildings to spur economic growth and diversity in the hemp industry! And we've got to stop the eradication of the ditch-weed! That's environmentally unfriendly!

I've got a friend who sells the totally legal hemp oil that is available through mail-order in all states!Tracey Morgan Gibson on Facebook, group name, 'cbd hempsavedme,' and I advertise her products for free! Why? Because my wife's friend back east with ovarian cancer tried it and it helped her through the chemo poison and she regained her appetite and amazed her doctors! She used Tracey's 900 mg unflavored full-spectrum oil. After proving its worth, Debbie, my lovely wife, felt crappy for 18 months and the doctors couldn't find a proper diagnosis. And as she needs a microscope for work, she started to see the gray circle in her left eye, denoting early onset cataracts. But after taking Tracey's Chaga mushroom blend with 10 mg of CBD capsules, after just four (four!) days, her eyes watered and the gray circle disappeared, and the full feeling of her organs feeling crowded? All gone! She's taking the Chaga mushroom and CBD caps and the 100 mg of cherry flavored oil, and I'm using the 200 mg of orange oil along with my regular buds. And I feel better!

Now, I've added a few videos for this story from my YouTube channel at [email protected] and I've got #104 uploading to YouTube right now as I'm writing. Share my videos and stories! Send me the weediots and anti-weed Nazis who can't get past the psychoactive effects of cannabis and believe the hype and lies that scare people who have no earthly idea how cannabis works on pain and depressive issues, along with the cure for cancer! I do my own clinical trials on air, and you can see the pain leave my eyes in them!

I've added a link to Tracey's storefront. Are the items a little pricey? Yep! But! They're totally worth it! And I'm dropping off four YouTube videos today and links to the hemp oil and Cannabis Education For Everyone group on Facebook. Thanks for being my audience! I always love to get topic ideas from anyone. Just ask me a question or comment with a topic idea. Just now, while inputting stuff here, my good friend Edu popped up in my chat-heads, and gave me the topic of cannabis is an adaptogen and NOT A DRUG! See! Easy-peasy!

Try the hemp oil, watch my videos and share-share-share! Pretty please, with a bud on top!?

Tell Tracey that Rick sent you. I don't receive any compensation for endorsing her stuff. That's how much of a believer I am!

This is an open to the public group for folks to stop by and hear the truths and facts about cannabis use. Send me the weediots and weed-ignorant! I've got the goods!

Seriously folks! Watch my pain recede through the utilization of my endo-cannabinoid system!


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Richard Huffman

II'm a 56 year old disabled and homebound veteran who has at least 7 different types of chronic pain syndromes and I am now a medical marijuana patient in Arizona who's an activist for the legalization movement for medical cannabis.

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