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Cannabis and Coffee

by Kohl Younger 10 days ago in humanity

Our Mornings

Cannabis and Coffee
Photo by Shelby Ireland on Unsplash

By Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Cannabis and Coffee

Ya know, some people have their favorite morning pastimes they enjoy. Some are raw and rugged and like to have a bit of whiskey in their coffee. You see, I was raised in the country and some cowboys and ranchers used to do that. Pour some whiskey whether it be Canadian or Bourbon. To the rim of the coffee cup sometimes and greeting the sun. Sometimes before the sun. Getting ready to either feed the cattle or go check on something out on the land. Always work needing to be done. And who’s to judge them right?

Well, us stoners love us some cannabis and coffee in the morning as well. The fresh pot of coffee (preferable local) and some good clean herb (no pesticides if possible). The cannabis and coffee smell that fills the room makes the morning dew feel enchanted.

Depending on the time of season.

In the spring time, when the birds and bees come back. The blooming of green life, on certain trees comes back. The steam vaporizing off the hot coffee and the smoke from either a joint, bong, or pipe traveling off into the world. The sun sparkles over the morning dew.

In the summer, I like to have an ice coffee, sometimes a mocha but sometimes an americano, iced. With a triple shot. The taste is a bit strong and the weed makes the coffee intolerable. (I wonder if this is the reason for sometimes gagging?) Maybe the coffee too strong. I will go see my aunt and have her roll me joints (still learning to roll don’t laugh please). I’ll bring her a coffee and we will smoke and drink our coffees.

In the fall time, back to the hot coffee. Or maybe an iced mocha because it tends to warm up during the days of Indian Summer. Enjoying the turn of the leaves and brisk cool mornings. The transitions of every morning with the seasons cannot be missed without a cup of coffee and a gram or two of cannabis.

And back to the winter months of being inside and looking at the morning still ness outside. The silence is deafening. You can hear the joint burn and the liquid content being swallowed, it is so quiet.

What also is a plus, is depending on a persons tolerate level with cannabis, some might prefer a dab and coffee. But I’ll leave that topic for another time or someone else. This one is dedicated to the weed smoker. We might put dab on our joint or in our pipe and it works the same.

And everyday as we indulge in our morning ritual, a weed song is also preferred. I personally have a playlist I play through out the week. Some of us might be dedicated to the 420 celebration and wake up at 4:20 am just to smoke and start our day with some coffee. Others might go back to sleep.

From Bone thugs n Harmony to Tom Petty to Rick James. Weed songs in every genre of music. I salute you my cannabis and coffee lovers. May we greet the day with the marvels of the world and what may gives us a boast of energy for the trials of the day and have an euphoria that allows us to have a good attitude and mood toward the dramas. From a cannabis and coffee lover to the next. Let’s instil this moment in time and let it be exactly that. My cannabis and coffee. The judgments do not contend in our world. Let us be. Enjoy it.


Kohl Younger

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