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Can CBD-Rich Cannabis Help to Treat Lyme Disease?

CBD for Lyme Disease

By Kathy T. CooleyPublished 5 years ago 5 min read

Lyme disease is an infectious disease that humans develop if they are bitten by infected ticks. The symptoms include fever, fatigue, headache, and skin rash, and the most common treatment is antibiotics. CBD-rich cannabis is one of the alternative treatments considered to manage the symptoms and boost the process of recovery.

Several studies show that CBD-rich cannabis can serve in treating Lyme disease and helping to manage the symptoms better. That can be important to accelerate the recovery process and find a more effective alternative to treat the disease.

It was a long time ago when cannabis was first used in medical purposes. Ever since then, it has been a popular solution for various health conditions. Even more important is that cannabis has managed to help in treating many symptoms, such as assisting in managing pain.

In this article, we are discussing its potential benefits in treating Lyme disease. The goal is to analyze data available from the studies and see whether CBD-rich cannabis can help in treating the symptoms of this condition.

What Is Lyme Disease?

Lyme borreliosis is the scientific name of this infectious disease that humans can develop if they get bitten by infected ticks. The most common symptoms of Lyme disease include:

  • Fever and fatigue
  • Headache
  • Skin rash

If you get bitten by a tick, it is vital to detach it as soon as possible. If you develop an infection, it is important to treat it promptly, or you may risk it spreading to the nervous system, heart, and the joints. Doctors use the above symptoms to diagnose the disease, although some may resort to lab testing.

Antibiotics are a common way of treating Lyme disease, but medical cannabis has become a solution that can help to manage the symptoms and successfully recover. The focus is on cannabis that is rich in cannabidiol (CBD). It is one of the cannabinoids that can have many positive effects on human health.

Can CBD Help with Lyme Disease? What Do the Study Results Say?

CBD is among the most helpful compounds in cannabis, and the primary benefit of CBD-rich cannabis is the low amount of THC, which guarantees that there will be no psychoactive effects. Many studies confirm that CBD is not psychoactive. Here is the list of scientifically-backed benefits of CBD related to Lyme disease:

1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Lyme disease can be unpleasant, especially if you are coughing up green stuff or you develop a fever. It is not uncommon for Lyme disease patients to feel chronic pain, which most frequently appears in muscles and joints.

The pain is caused by inflammation, and it is not that easy to deal with it. Research conducted in 2012 showed that CBD could act as an inflammatory suppressor. That should help to deal with the pain as well as accelerate the recovery process.

That is why many combine antibiotics and CBD in treating Lyme disease. It is vital to mention that you should take probiotics along with antibiotics to ensure digestive balance. Additionally, make sure there is enough vitamin K in food that you eat because antibiotics kill bacteria that produce this vitamin.

CBD can contribute to managing pain in other ways, too. It interacts with the inner cannabinoid system and can help to stop the pain signals come to the brain. That is how it can provide almost immediate pain relief. Additionally, unlike over-the-counter pain medications, you can’t develop tolerance to CBD, which means it will always be equally effective.

2. It Can Help to Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety (and overall feeling down or nervous) is often how you feel when you develop fever, fatigue, and skin rash. All these are symptoms of Lyme disease, and if you could handle anxiety better, it would make you feel better, which will make it easier to push through the recovery process.

The medical journal Neurotherapics published a study in 2015 where it mentions that CBD can help manage anxiety. According to that research, it can assist both healthy individuals and those who have anxiety-related disorders.

The patients are often complaining about their doctors claiming they don’t offer enough treatment options for anxiety. Doctors partly do that because it may lead to medication dependence. That is why CBD can be a better solution, as there is no danger of getting addicted. Although it would probably require more research, we might see CBD as a solution for treating anxiety in the coming years.

There has been a wide availability of CBD-based products in the market. You can order these products at cannabis owl or similar online cannabis stores.

3. It May Help with the Skin Rash

Skin rash is a common symptom of Lyme disease, and apart from causing itchiness, it can also affect your overall appearance. That is where CBD comes into play, as it may have a beneficial effect on your skin health.

A study conducted in 2014 indicates this is also related to the anti-inflammatory properties that CBD has. It may assist in reducing sebum production, which can help to deal with rashes and other skin imperfections such as acne.

You can find CBD creams that are applied topically, but if you want to experience other CBD benefits, too, the wise thing to do is to find a premium vape Canada shop.

4. It Can Protect Nerve Cells

You need to treat Lyme disease promptly or it can spread and threaten your nervous system. CBD has a neuroprotective effect, and it can play a vital role in protecting nerve cells.

Additionally, treatments for the infection may be effective, but they also leave neurotoxins behind. That is another thing that can endanger your nerve cells. Neurotoxicity has many different symptoms, including hormone dysregulation, depression, brain fog, insomnia, and many others.

CBD can assist in dealing with neurotoxicity by helping you to remove neurotoxins from the body. You can find many studies that support the claim that CBD has neuroprotective effects. They do that by reducing the marker that causes cell damage, which is known as nitrotyrosine. Additionally, CBD has antioxidant properties that can help to reduce oxidative stress.

Conclusion and Significance

It may be a stretch to say that CBD can cure Lyme disease, but it can undoubtedly help to manage multiple symptoms and boost the recovery process. The anti-inflammatory effect can help to deal with the inflammation, and you may also feel pain and anxiety relief.

The fact that CBD can put you in a better mood and assist in decreasing pain and fatigue is important for a patient. Assisting in fighting against inflammation is only a bonus, and further research will determine how CBD can help treat Lyme disease more effectively. You can easily get your hands on CBD, and you can mail order marijuana from any online dispensary or get it from any medical marijuana dispensary.


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