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Best Electric Weed Grinders

Because electric weed grinders are the stoner gifts that keep on giving.

By Izzy ErlichPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

These days, grinders and other canna-goods are beginning to become status symbols among those in the pothead community. Some love being able to boast the most expensive cannabis accessories out there, while others just really go for style.

However, if you're like most stoners out there, getting a lot of function from your smoking accessories is going to be your top priority. That's why electric weed grinders have been getting more attention than ever before—and why top cannaseurs swear by them.

A good electric weed grinder will improve the flavor of your smoke, help unlock THC, and also just make life easier for you. If you're looking to up your smoking game, getting one of these grinders will definitely do the trick.

My #1 Recommendation is QUANT's electric grinder. Made of Stainless steel, and incredibly easy to clean, their grinder got me through some really tough times. It'll grind up your nug in 10 seconds flat. Just be warned, you may never go back to the manual grinding again.

HBI's Electric "Tobacco" Shredder has long been known in the cannabis community for being one of the best electric weed grinders out there. This particular model is known for being able to chop up to 1.7 ounces of weed within seconds.

This is one of the better "plug and play" grinders out there. The issue that some may have, though, is knowing that it's not exactly the most subtle grinder out there. So, this may be a better option for a state where marijuana is legalized.

If you're looking for one of the best electric weed grinders on the market that's designed specifically for using with marijuana, look no further than PenSimple. This subtle pen-shaped grinder stores an electric device that grinds up weed and then dispenses it through the pen tip.

Rolling a blunt just got easier, as did storage. The motor can be removed, which means that PenSimple can also double as an airtight storage container for up to three grams of weed, when you need it to.

PenSimple is regularly cited as one of the best weed gadgets to buy because it's so well-designed. Once you try it, you'll likely agree.

Easy Grinder's Automatic Herbal Grinder is very similar to PenSimple, but happens to be a bit more affordable. Both grinders are made to be subtle in style, and are specially designed for cannabis use.

What we like about this grinder is the rechargeable battery, the USB-charging point, and the fact that it comes with a magnetic swing tip for easy use. It also can store up to 2.5 grams of weed, which makes it perfect for an "on the go" kit.

Going forward, a lot of the electric weed grinders you'll see will be marketed as "spice grinders" or even salt grinders. Obviously, this is partly because that's their intended use, and also because it helps skirt the issue of cannabis users having to explain away items they own.

That being said, Cuisinart's SG-10 makes for a super weed grinder. If you're looking for a tool that works wonders in the kitchen, and does magic with your joint rolling too, this is one grinder you'll want to invest in.

Most of the electric weed grinders you'll see don't really have a very powerful motor. Epica made a coffee grinder that's designed to slice through the strongest of beans, and that means that it'll turn your nuggets into a beautifully fine crumble as well.

Expect to have this 250-Watt grinder pulse your herb into a perfectly balanced texture within second. (Yes, this electric herb grinder is that powerful!)

We want to point out that this does not use electricity of any kind, but because it tends to mimic the same engineering used in top grinders, we decided to use it for this article. This ergonomically designed spice grinder is great for all sorts of things—but for this article, we're going to talk about its awesome use as a weed grinder.

This particular grinder uses a thumb-operated push button to grind up your goods one-handed, giving you enough time to reach for a joint with the other. With this gear, you get finely crushed herb without having to get AAA batteries every single month!

Oh, and it's also small enough to fit in a large pocket, which makes this one of the most subtle "electric" weed grinders on the market.

Looking for one of the more stylish electric weed grinders on the market? Quiseen's got you covered, with a highly versatile herb grinder that's got blades sharp enough for coffee, and speeds that are ideal for crushing up cannabis.

Stainless steel blades, one-touch operation, and easy cleanup make this one of the better grinders for its price tag. Since it packs around 2.5 ounces of herb in each batch, it's safe to say this will be a good pick for heavier users.

If you love to watch the weed get ground up, then you might find iRSE'S Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder to be more your style. This adjustable rotor allows you to choose how finely the herb you place inside gets ground up—and you get to watch it get ground up through the plastic body.

Looking for a grinder that's ideal for big batches of weed? Waring's commercial-grade grinders might be what you're searching for—and yes, they probably can pack enough herb to make Wiz Khalifa jealous in a single bin.

This high-quality spice grinder is known for its durability, its large canister, and for being ideal for kitchen use, too. For those who want to make great Cannabutter, or grind up their goods for large parties, the WSG30 can't be beat.

OPUX knows how to make some seriously good kitchen grinders, and these awesome electric salt and pepper grinders can quickly become one of the best electric weed grinder pairs you've ever seen.

These work with a simple push-button setup, and are perfect for grinding (and possibly storing) multiple strains at the same time. So, if you love a little variety in your herbal supplies, these are a pair of the smartest electric weed grinders you'll find.

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