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Are You High Yet?

by Jennifer D 3 years ago in health

THC is medicine, too.


Every single time somebody finds out that I use marijuana to ease the severe pain that comes along with having gallstones, they assume I must be talking about the CBD strain of "Mary Jane."

CBD is the most popular go-to when using marijuana to medicate. It has all the healing properties of the magnificent plant without any of the state altering that THC strains feature.

But don't count it out. "It" being the THC. Both Indica and Sativa have pain relieving benefits as well. Upon research, you will find that Sativa is said to encourage energy while Indica is said to encourage relaxation but it is my belief that these things change per person and you should try for yourself. It could be the opposite.

When calming anxiety, the CBD strain is enough for me. When the real pain comes, which is that of my gallstone, THC is the only thing that will do the job.

Today we're going to focus on Indica. Indica is said to be more of a "body high," and if that is indeed true, it makes complete sense that the Indica strain helps to cease the pain I feel when my gallstones decide to act up. Indica also tends to make me feel calm and relaxed. I love a nice pain relieving, sleep-aiding medicine.

Marijuana has a negative reputation because people are not taking the time to educate themselves about the herb prior to forming an opinion. I only became knowledgeable after my doctor informed me that THC would ease my pain better than my prescription medicine. My doctor also informed me that marijuana had no risk of forming a habit, which the prescription medicine did.

With a simple internet search, anyone can see the medical benefits of THC. I'm here to tell you that I use THC as medicine and it works well.

I hope for medical marijuana to one day become so mainstream that my insurance will cover it just as it covers all my other medications, hospital stays and tests, etc.

Being on disability, I only get paid once a month. It is unfortunate that because my stomach medicine is marijuana that if I'm in pain too far after pay day I will have to wait for pay day to come around again before I'm able to buy more medicine. My anti-seizure meds are available at CVS Pharmacy so they're covered under my insurance. CVS Pharmacy doesn't sell marijuana though.

Until then, you can find me at the dispensary taking care of my stomach pain out of pocket.

As above mentioned, I did not simply decide to start using marijuana. My primary care physician (PCP) told me that it would benefit me. He told me that it was better than the prescription I was getting as well as how to go about getting a recommendation for marijuana. He knows that I do it and because of my lengthy, delicate medical history I never do anything without his approval.

The only advice that he gave me, and I pass to you is to be weary of your appetite. It's true that marijuana can give you the munchies.

Also, beware of edibles. Edibles usually have an activation time and do not hit immediately but do hit hard. Activation times can be between 20–45 minutes. This, of course, is in reference to anything with THC in it. CBD does not alter your state.

Currently, there is absolutely no strain of marijuana covered by insurance. I know it sounds insane to buy marijuana with insurance, but why? If I'm using it for medical purposes, shouldn't I be able to do so?

I imagine marijuana being available to all. Recreational users as well medicinal users. Recreational users do not require prescription. They can just buy it. Medical users need a prescription though, and that is how they get it covered. A girl can dream, right?

Jennifer D
Jennifer D
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Jennifer D
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