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5 Types of Cannabis Users that Will Dominate the World in 2019

Types of Cannabis Users

By Kathy T. CooleyPublished 5 years ago 4 min read

Since a number of States in the US and the countries world over have started to embrace cannabis for its recreational and medical benefits, its usage is on the rise. THC and CBD are some of the most active ingredients of marijuana plants. The legalization of marijuana has brought about a significant rise in its sale across the world.

Thus, for the industry to thrive, it is important to have a basic knowledge regarding the target groups and the people who are likely to use it in the course of the coming year. This article means to bring forth the types of cannabis users that are sure to be the biggest consumers in the year 2019.

Medicinal Users

The main reason behind countries enacting laws to legalize cannabis consumption is its huge number of medical benefits to the patients. It has the ability to address the problem of the people suffering from chronic pain by decreasing it substantially. Besides, it can play the role of calming the mind and relaxing the nerves. This serves as a medium for those suffering from depression and anxiety to find peace in their lives.

The patients of sleep deprivation and insomnia also seem to benefit from this as per the findings of a study. Medical professionals are also prescribing cannabis for the treatment of the likes of cancer, nausea, vomiting, and arthritis. People can take recourse of the consumption of feminized cannabis seeds on a regular basis, in order to gain these benefits and remain healthy.

Creative Ones

We have often come across instances where people tend to light up a joint to garner some of the creative ideas that they are not able to muster just yet. This does hold true actually. Cannabis provides the person with a cerebral height and energy that facilitates artistic adventurism. These consumers can include a vast array of professionals, including painters, writers, musicians, and authors.

The most popular strain among creative people continues to be the Sativa strain. A lot of people who have used it urge its use in removing the mental block and changing the way one thinks to give a push to the production of original content.

The Connoisseurs

There are some users of cannabis that take pleasure in lighting the most obscure strains of cannabis. You will not find them indulging much in smoking regular pot. They seem to go beyond the usual and lay their hands on the exotic strains, no matter what the costs are. Thus, if there is something that they are not aware of with respect to a strain, they will most likely be interested in gaining more knowledge about that. This makes them experts in cannabis cultures and subcultures.

Because these consumers are passionate about the cannabis they consume, you are likely to find them in possession of some of the highest quality cannabis strains. Some of the popular ones amongst these include the master kush and super lemon haze. These are quite rare strains but worth the consumption, owing to a blend of piney citrus, spice, and a hint of fuel. Chocolate flavored cannabis has been quite a hit among the connoisseurs. Online chocolate flavored cannabis is largely available at various websites.

The Millennials

The youngsters of this generation, usually between the age of 13 and 34, fall within the bracket of millennial cannabis consumers. They are well-versed with the technological advancements and have one of the better social networks. Due to the legalization of a wide range of the types of cannabis, like that of infused, edibles, and concentrates, these people tend to find themselves with a lot of choices. Cannabis vaping has become really popular among the millennials. Vapes like CBD Juul Pods, Mighty Vaporizers, Firefly 2 plus, etc. are the most popular.

According to an article, the knowledge about the consumption among peers seems to spread pretty well through the medium of social media. Constant touch and easy communication among these people also bolster the sale. Advertisements displayed on social media also provide this class of cannabis users some incentive to go ahead and give it a try.

The Stoners

Perhaps the most popular class of cannabis users, the stoners make up for the very foundation of the cannabis culture. Whether it be for the recreational purposes or the communal, these people are those habitual users of cannabis due to whom the cannabis industry thrives. Starting from the range of middle school to college, these are the ones that form a substantial part of this class.

Those who have noticed on television and movies, this is a class that is shown as the one who wears baggy clothes, eat unhealthily, skip studying, and indulge in notorious activities. This stigma is absolutely false as the regular consumers actually tend to be quiet peaceful, friendly, and harmless.

The rise in the removal of bans on cannabis use has paved the way for the increase in the consumer base all over the world. Nowadays, cannabis is widely available around the world at various medical marijuana dispensaries as well as online dispensaries. With the changing scenario of the laws, the above-mentioned types of cannabis consumers are going to dominate the market for the year to come.


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