15 Trippy Gifs That Will Bug You Out

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Ever saw a couple of gifs and completely trip out? Then dive right into 15 more gifs that will bug you out!

15 Trippy Gifs That Will Bug You Out

Gifs are weird. I've come across tons and tons and tons of gifs in my life, from moments in a show or movie to completely odd and sometimes eerie gifs. Gifs can basically be anything from cats chasing laser pointers to that one scene in The Office where Dwight gets into disguise as his coworkers.

Even though there are many hilarious gifs out there, let's get right into the trippy gifs. You know exactly what I'm talking about. Those gifs that completely bug you out with endless cycle of rainbows, optical illusions, and just weird and maybe even creepy clips of odd art that still manages to capture our attention. Now, check out some of our favorite gifs that will bug you out. Be warned, you won't be able to unsee any of them again, it would be like taking trippy drugs. And if you enjoyed these gifs, there are also trippy books and trippy movies to watch on Netflix.

If you keep staring at it, it'll feel as though there's an end to this mysterious triangle tunnel rainbow. Out of the other gifs that will bug you out, this one for starters literally feels like you're traveling through time. And the fact that it's in the shape of a triangle makes the tunnel feel more narrow, which makes us want this tunnel to end quicker... but it doesn't.

I absolutely adore art, and this trippy gif of famous art portraits mashed into one is actually bugging us out. While this entire gif is transitioning from painting to painting, the only thing that constantly stays in place are the eyes.

In this gif, the eyes are the ones staying in place after each transition. Also, if you pay attention, each painting features the person wearing a hat. The creator behind this gif made sure to use portraits of individuals who are wearing a hat so the transition moves smoothly.

Among the gifs that will bug you out, there's a lot based on The Simpsons, including this one. Honestly, staring at this gif is actually tiring and aside from that, it's tripping us out. You'd think the gif would end at some point, but it really doesn't.

It's a gif of Homer showing Bart a photo of himself showing a photo to Bart... of Homer showing a photo to Bart of Homer showing a photo to Bart. It just keeps going on.

At first glance, I thought these were astronauts, but they might not be. The purpose behind this gif? I don't see it. But the only thing we know is how much it's bugging us out.

Are those figures astronauts in the form of papier-mâché? And what's on their faces? But more importantly, what is the spazzing diamond in the center? So many questions but all we're getting is a trippy reaction. It's no wonder this is among the gifs that will bug you out.

Not only does this gif give us the heebie jeebies, but it's bugging us out. This person's two eyeballs suddenly escape from their sockets, and the eyeballs just keep floating away.

But it isn't the idea of the person's eyeballs extracting from the head, it's the way it's done. This person's face appears to be made out of rubber and the slow motion of the eyeballs floating out of their sockets is what really trips us out.

It looks like a flower, right? Or what about a geode? This gif can be anything as long as you put your mind into it. The rapid color rhythm to this gif truly makes it one of the coolest gifs that will bug you out.

Other than the beautiful colors that perfectly transition together, to us, it looks like a flower constantly blooming. However, if you examine closely, the gif looks to be pumping out in the rhythm of a heartbeat. Could this be what the inside of our veins look like? We'll never know.

Get this, a pineapple that's actually a grenade and explodes. Confused? Then looking at this gif won't help, because it's tripping us out. At first you think it's an ordinary pineapple, until the gif works its magic and makes the pineapple into an exploding grenade.

After viewing this gif, I don't think I'll be able to view a pineapple the same way.

Out of the gifs that will bug you out, I can't look away from this one. To us, it looks like a snake, but we can't seem to find the head. And it just keeps going into loops and loops.

But that isn't all that's bugging us out, it's the black and white stripe print on the figure. While the snake-looking figure continues to rotate and fall into a twirl, the stripes move quickly and fall into the rhythm of the figure. Overall... we're tripping.

The way this man is entering and exiting doors is so smooth and easy, he's managing to get through even without opening the door. Out of the gifs that will bug you out, this one causes us to have tons of questions. For starters, why is there two doors right next to each other? Do they lead to the same room or are they different rooms?

Aside from that, this man makes walking through door a total breeze. He's basically slithering his way through.

This is definitely one of the most magical doves we've ever seen. We can't tell if the dove is ready to take flight or it's dancing. From what we believe, it's dancing, because the dove's majestic dance moves are releasing beautiful rays of rainbow throughout the gif.

As for one of the gifs that will bug you out, it's never tiring to watch this gif. Sure, it's tripping us out, but the rapid color stream is what really grabs our attention. And, of course, the dancing dove.

This gif definitely has meaning behind it. Among the gifs that will bug you out, this one surely says something. All eyes are gateways to making memories. They're basically mini cameras in our eyes, documenting everything that happens in our lives.

So, when we view this gif, we can't help but appreciate our eyes and the memories they've given to us. But other than that, we can still say that this gif is bugging us out.

To begin with, is this a bowl of soup, pudding, caramel... tea? Whatever it is, staring at it for a couple of minutes can actually be soothing to watch, even though it's still tripping us out.

Even though it's a liquid, it in the form of rings while it's in a wave rhythm. Out of the gifs that will bug you out, this one is definitely comforting to us, while still managing to bug out us all out.

I actually do not know where to start with this gif. So, they're woven strands of black and white and are moving in a wave motion. But, only the center of the gif is having the wave affect.

From the gifs that will bug you out, staring at this for a few minutes can actually trip you up. Even though at first glance you'll bug out, but if you really study it it can have a larger effect on you.

I don't know about you, but I want walking to look like this from now on. Through stripes of radiant and bright colors, whenever the person steps on the ground, an echo of color forms around his feet. Bug out much? We think so.

If it looked like this whenever I walk, I'd consider jogging across the globe like Forrest Gump. I'd spread beautiful colors all over the planet.

Finished tripping out yet? Well we're aren't done until this one makes it on gifs that will bug you out. It literally looks like the wind is pushing the squirrel. Or is the wave running across the screen pushing the squirrel?

Either way, the way the squirrel is moving looks so calming and majestic, but very trippy. Image all squirrels moving like this? Even nature would be bugging out.

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