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10 Facts Regarding Cannabis and Sex

by Ossiana Tepfenhart 5 years ago in fact or fiction
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Cannabis and sex are two things that people love to talk about. Here are some surprising facts about how the two tend to impact each other.

With more states than ever before having legalized medical marijuana, people really, truly want to know what its full effects are. For the most part, people who are interested in investing in marijuana stocks or are curious about the benefits of medical marijuana know a lot of the research already done.

However, when it comes to cannabis and sex, people remain pretty much in the dark. Most people who have had sex while high may have anecdotal knowledge, but no real facts.

Want to boost your knowledge about cannabis? Here are some of the cooler facts about how sex is affected by Miss Mary Jane...

If you have sex while high, your mileage may vary.

One of the more shocking facts about the effects of marijuana on sex is the fact that it's not totally set in stone. Different people will react differently to smoking (or eating) a good stash before they get it on.

Cannabis and sex go together hand in hand for some people. Some people get enhanced orgasms, an increased sex drive, and a better lasting time. Others will have their sex drives drop.

Funny enough, AllBud reports around 90 percent of all women and 83 percent of all men tend to experience better sexual pleasure after smoking or consuming cannabis.

People who use cannabis are slightly less likely to use condoms than regular people.

A study done by SKYN Condoms showed that around 44 percent of pot smokers will use a condom or ask to use one. 48 percent of non-smokers, though, will do the same.

That being said, that small a difference means that there's probably not a link between use of cannabis and sex safety practices. You can rest easy knowing that we're all equally irresponsible.

Yes, cannabis lube is a thing in green states, and it's growing in popularity. The oil-based lubricant has gotten rave reviews and was noted for increasing blood flow down there. Most people who use the flavorless (and thankfully odorless) lube have noted that it enhances the experience beautifully.

Unlike regular pot smoking, it gets you wet and doesn't really get you high per se. However, it does have relaxing qualities. You can actually get a similar effect from hemp-based lube like the one above.

Many men who get nervous around women tend to find that cannabis reduces sexual anxiety...

Here's some good news about cannabis and sex-shy guys. It looks like it might be able to alleviate psychologically-induced erectile dysfunction.

A study conducted by researchers noted that a lot of men who had difficulty maintaining an erection smoked cannabis as a way to improve their confidence—and therefore help alleviate erectile dysfunction caused by anxiety.

But, guys shouldn't overdo it if they want to be a real stallion...

Don't be too hasty about reaching for the joint quite yet! Urologists are well-aware of the fact that there's an established link between heavily using cannabis and sex dysfunction in men.

More specifically, starting daily smoking sessions has been linked to a physical inability to get an erection—often due to blood flow issues. Worse still, many men who are very heavy smokers also tend to have a lower sex drive.

So, yeah, this can be a mood killer.

Cannabis prolongs orgasms in men and women.

Nothing quite feels as good as a sex session where you have a prolonged orgasm. That build-up makes it possible for you to feel everything from your head to your toes. It's great, right?

A number of studies cited by AllBud also noted that people pointed out that the majority of people who indulged in cannabis and sex in a single love session overwhelmingly reported that they experienced prolonged orgasms. Guys who don't last so long might want to toke before they poke.

The combination of cannabis and sex has been part of culture for thousands of years.

If you think that the idea of smoking a bowl and making love is something that was invented in the 60s, you're wrong. Books that suggest smoking cannabis before a sex session have been around for over 3000 years!

In India, a number of ancient tantric sex rituals include cannabis consumption as part of the steps. Many other guides throughout history cite cannabis as a tool to increase sexual desire. Smoking and sexing, it seems, is as old school as it gets.

Cannabis consumption has also been linked to more sexual partners.

Maybe there is a reason why that all that aphrodisiac talk is around. The trope of a pot-smoking hippie lover seems to have a little bit more clout than we tend to think it does. Studies show that people who regularly smoke pot have noticeably more partners than those who don't.

The study showed that this was true with both long and short term relationship types of people. A very significant number, around 80 percent, of all pot heads also have had multiple one night stands.

Cannabis and sex partner increase definitely are linked. It's unsurprising, though, since smoking pot with your partner is a very well-known bonding experience.

Smoking pot actually can make or break relationships.

Cannabis and sex partners don't always get along. Much like with tobacco, being on the same page about cannabis consumption is a huge indicator of whether or not you two will remain together. This is why you have so many guides that tell you how to date a stoner when you yourself don't smoke.

Partners who are not okay with smoking before sex, or who feel their partners smoke too much, are far more likely to break up and report dissatisfaction in bed than those who smoke marijuana in similar quantities.

Finally, it's worth pointing out that strains tend to matter a bit more than you'd expect.

Actually finding out how your body will react to pot before you get laid is a good idea. Everyone reacts differently, and studies that look into how cannabis and sex affect one another have backed that. Strangely enough, they also backed that strain matters when it comes to increasing sexual arousal.

The most popular strains to get your groove back with include Super Lemon Haze, Pink Berry, and Aculpulco Gold. Happy smoking!

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