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Zoroaster's Zeppelins and Zombie Zebras

A Carnival for the Entertainment of Zorillas

By C. Rommial ButlerPublished about a year ago 1 min read
A zorilla is an African skunk-weasel. Imagine them drunk on zythum, listening to Zoroaster play zydeco on his zither while zeppelins and zombie zebras parade by...

Zephyr zooms zeppelin!

Zythum, zorillas

Zipping zazz!

Zealous zoo--

Zombie zebras zig, zag!

Zoaroaster's zither zydeco!

surreal poetry

About the Creator

C. Rommial Butler

C. Rommial Butler is a writer, musician and philosopher from Indianapolis, IN. His works can be found online through multiple streaming services and booksellers.

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  • Rob Angeliabout a year ago

    Now that's having fun with words!

  • Jay Kantorabout a year ago

    Dear "Literary Artist" ~ Aka: Chum ~ Your Zig-Zags even make this guy smell good! *Please see VM Creators "Shout Out" Jay Kantor, Chatsworth, California 'Senior' Vocal Author - Vocal Author Community -

  • Kristen Balyeatabout a year ago

    👏🏽 👏🏽 So fun to read! Nice work!

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