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Your nomenclature is lame

((ludicrous limerick challenge))

By Morgana MillerPublished 11 days ago Updated 11 days ago 1 min read
Your nomenclature is lame
Photo by Maria Talks on Unsplash

Right there in the medical compendium

Says old docs called a pussy “pudendum”

But why choose a name

Whose root-word is “shame,”

And denounce the very place that they came from?

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Morgana Miller

Undisciplined creative trying to actually write at least 25% as often as I think about writing.

All hail the em-dash.

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  • Michael Gimera5 days ago

    This is great! I also identify with your bio! 😀

  • Caroline Jane8 days ago

    Clever modern limerick. Like it! Congratulations on the top story!

  • Lea Springer8 days ago

    Your last line is an echo of what my mother used to say (to my shock!). "What are you doing? Trying to see where you came from?" Great limerick!

  • Nice piece ✨❤️🍀

  • River Joy9 days ago

    Love this.

  • Míriam Guasch9 days ago


  • Sid Aaron Hirji9 days ago

    ya it is weird how they called it that. Sacral 2 to sacral 4 is the pudendal nerve-innervates privates. But ya comes from latin word shame-good one

  • Aphotic9 days ago

    This is perfect. Catchy as hell too haha

  • Gina C.9 days ago

    Soo clever!! This is absolutely amazing. 😍 Congrats on Top Story, Morgana! ❤️

  • Gerald Holmes9 days ago

    This is so good from top to bottom. From the Title to the picture to the five lines that knocked it out of the park. Such a great use of words.

  • Kendall Defoe9 days ago

    Oh, I like this one!

  • Gurmukh Singh9 days ago


  • Fxteh9 days ago


  • Danish Rahim9 days ago

    Good one

  • dinu9 days ago

    Great work 👏✍️

  • Jordan Twiss9 days ago

    Love this take on the challenge. Excellent work as always!

  • Leslie Writes9 days ago

    Such puritanical nonsense. This poem kicks ass! Great work!

  • Scott Wade9 days ago

    And the Word master award goes to … 🥰. Congratulations on Top Story. 🥇

  • HAMOUN NIK9 days ago


  • Paul Stewart9 days ago

    This...is awesome. So deserving of Top Story. You have a new subscriber!

  • Naomi9 days ago

    Ok, not only did you powerfully articulate this in such few syllables… but then you found the perfect picture to use!

  • JBaz9 days ago

    Congratulations. Told you this would be a top story.

  • Brenton F9 days ago

    Well Done! 👏👏👏

  • Loryne Andawey9 days ago

    Yes, absolutely yes. If this doesn't place in the challenge I would be very disappointed. ❤'d and subscribed!

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