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Your Land, My Land

A Love Letter

By Hayley BonnettPublished 6 years ago 1 min read

I graze through fields of golden wheat

That never seem to end

Two pools of blue, so smooth and cool

They take my soul to mend

A little bridge calls tulips home

So pink and full of youth

I rest in florals, intoxicating

A cup of warm vermouth

I walk throughout this beautiful land

Kissed tender by the sun

Through valleys, mountains, never-ending

I leap and bound and run

Although this land is rightly yours

I’ll take it as my own

Explore it ‘til the sunlight’s moon

And all the flowers grown

This land is yours, this land is mine

It's beauty, love, and light

I’ll pay my homage to this land

By daytime and by night

nature poetry

About the Creator

Hayley Bonnett

19. UCF. Aggressively mediocre at a handful of things.

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