You're Under My Skin Again

Like a Soft Sizzle

You're Under My Skin Again

The feeling I get when you’re

Pressed up against me is like

When you burn yourself on

Purpose; the first few seconds

Feel amazing, the sizzle of skin,

The incredible smell of burning

and flint and lighter fluid or a

Straightening iron or boiling

Water, the sharp tingle you feel

Up and down your spine as

You smile and start to cry. But

Then you put everything away

And you pull your sleeves down

And you can’t see the blisters.

And they still hurt. An itching

Under the skin that you can’t

Scratch away. A rubbing, a

Reminder, a memento of better

Times, stitched to your bones.

Regret? None.

I love it.

slam poetry
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