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You're deaf to all

by Mimi Sonner 22 days ago in heartbreak · updated 5 days ago

Even to me

You are deaf

deaf Deaf DEAF

Others use their pain for greed

Others use their greed to grieve

But after so long you are DEAF

Pain does not belong only to you

Everyone has it, and I carry so much

Yet in silence I die

When I cry, your silence kills me

Either way, I'm dead.

And you're deaf.



If I don't bite my tongue

You bite off my head

I can say the sky is blue

and you argue that it is red

I can't find the words to say

Not in the right order

Not in the right delivery

To make my message come across

It's as if you can't hear me

What can I do?

How can I say it?

When you're deaf

Deaf to me?

Mimi Sonner
Mimi Sonner
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Mimi Sonner

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