You must state your number before you speak

Mind control poetry

You must state your number before you speak
Mind over matter

Open a portal into the vacuum

Future is as a living tomb

Kill the light and speak no more

Forget it all and shut the door

locked inside mind control

No escape, no place to go

"What are we without our king?

Bend and bow and kiss the ring"

This life is all they'll ever know

No thought should stray beyond their role

Disconnected from the memory core

Consciousness is dream of ancient lore

Shuffled into pens, devoid of thought

They are primed, sold and bought

Lined up for a day of ration

Culling DNA with urgent fashion

closed monitor, an eye upon them well

Tracking movement of every being's cell

The living are a liability

Operant conditioning is the key

Proto-blood a putrid black

Fuels the mind of the prime jack

Thought to break the will of men

Enslaved in manufacturing pens

Cosmic calling unto their master

"We must work smarter, better, faster"

Noxious fumes to choke out the sky

Illicit mix to dumb down the hive

An aberration in the system

A thought borne of human volition

Detection, extermination

Maintain integrity of planet-nation

Without mercy flush out the germs

Numbers as flesh as the worm turns.

fact or fiction
Julia Davis
Julia Davis
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Julia Davis

I’m a mother of 3 teenagers. I enjoy writing poetry & learning new age Information & ancient knowledge. I wrote about various different subjects, from parenting to young people, mental health, mind control,conspiracies, sex & relationships.

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