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You Died To Soon

A Poem

By Emily AurelienPublished 6 months ago • 1 min read
You Died To Soon
Photo by Lidia Nikole on Unsplash

We remember loved ones who love us unconditionally.

The love they show.

The support they give.

You died too soon, but the love you had will never fade.

The love you share will never leave me here.

As our memories turn to ash when sickness comes, never forget who I am in your mind.

Our love, and our fondness, are shared stories.

This has brought us together, and my love for you, Auntie, will never go away.

My heart is grieving, but I will never forget what you said to me.

Never give upon who you love, stay strong, and believe everything will come in its time.

Always have hope, even if the darkness comes, love shines.

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Emily Aurelien

The Struggle is real. Just once would I like to win a writing Challenge.

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  • Nick Tomko6 months ago

    well written!

  • 💖🤍🕊️Beautiful piece...🙏📿

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