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You Are the Rainbow

by Nicholas Russell 7 months ago in inspirational

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Kirlian Photography (Auras) credit: haloauragraphic.com


morning light fills the room

removing the night that was once filled with doom

nearly everyone has already gotten up

as I lay in the room with the empty glass cup

the stars have all said their goodbyes

their always on time and perceptibly wise

I on the other hand will often tend to take my time

I like to ponder on my thoughts before drinking some water with lime

grateful I am get to do such a thing

I am not interested in wearing all sorts of fancy bling

for all experiences had are experienced though the mind

no external events are governing time

relative is time and the spectrum of colour

I would like to be no other

white, I am wearing today

black was the color of yesterday

mystical is the mood of the purple hat

calm blue necklace flat on my chest

green shirt on and I’m feeling love

yellow jacket goes on as the birds fly above

gazing over at the shining sun

orange pants are so much fun

red shoes clap on they hit the ground

as I walk the Dalmatian hound

a colorful outfit for a colorful day

imagine colors head to toe in a beautiful array

use this muscle imagination

or you’ll end up black and white

like a Dalmatian

its fun to write and make some quid

as I construct a story in my mind while walking around the city grid

people busy everywhere

make me look like I don’t care

why don’t they stop for a minute and enjoy their day

they are looking for peace outside of themselves to their dismay

this answer you may find on bookshelves

but within lies all that you will ever need

the colour of this is white indeed

white is every colour combined

relax and let it unwind

it has been within you all this time

the mind is always online

connected to a field beyond physicality

you can feel it if you just let it be

feel the energy of eternity

magic is the mind

and magic is colour

without one we can’t have the other

a simple message rarely understood

and if you could it may change your life

go from struggle and strife

to colorful new life

brave changes all start in the mind

start here and you will no longer be living blind

you are the rainbow

he is, she is we are

one colorful mind experiencing itself

you can too by harnessing the power of the mind

and embracing the colour that’s within

you probably wondering where to begin

start with expanding your awareness and shatter your perception

rearrange the configuration

don’t try to find an explanation

then let go of the mindset no longer serves you

find out what’s really true

do you know who you truly are?

how do cars work and why do people smoke a cigar?

curiosity is crucial to awareness and understanding

there are no coincidences in this world that is ever expanding

dreams are insights given to us to interpret

a natural part of our daily circuit

as the walk comes to an end

the entire walk I wasn’t thinking about walking at all

I was on autopilot which may be hard to comprehend

leave it to me says the subconscious mind

i’m working all the time

you as the awareness are there to choose, experience and rhyme

whilst getting assistance from the divine

a strange world that you must know is working in your favor

as long as you stop reading the paper

read the colour of your own mind

whilst the embracing the beauty of the divine

- N.Russell


Nicholas Russell

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Nicholas Russell
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